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For fans of The Walking Dead its no new news how clever the series has become with it's callbacks, references and easter eggs that have become increasingly sprinkled throughout the episodes. However, as good as we think the show has become at that, especially in recent seasons, a recently released a gif proves they're even smarter than any of previously realized!

Robert Kirkman's (creator of The Walking Dead) Skybound Entertainment website have created a gif that quickly moves through the logo of the series and shows just how that logo have evolved, and guess what? Much like the walkers and setting in the show, the logo has also been decaying with time! Take a look for yourself:

How cool is that!

This just once again proves that The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV, and now I can't wait to see what the logo looks like in the upcoming Season 6...or in Season 15!

The Walking Dead returned to AMC in October with Season 6, and the companion series Fear the Walking Dead will debut before that in summer.

Source: The Walking Dead via Comicbook


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