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I actually had this exact thought as I bought Alabama Shakes' newest album on vinyl this past weekend when I made a trip to Amoeba Records. Just as owning a record player and collecting vinyls is considered a hip and trendy passion recently, perhaps one day the same fad will happen with VHS.

Sure, it was a pain having to wait to fast forward through the annoying trailers in the beginning, and rewinding is incredibly inconvenient and time consuming. But that's the point! Why not revert to simpler times?

MaDonna Sheehy had the right idea. With an insane craving for the past, Sheehy has us traveling back in time when Blockbuster ruled the movie world and "be kind, rewind" was our motto. Check out these VHS cassettes and covers we wish actually existed in real life.

1. The Force Awakens

I still own my Star Wars VHS box set containing movies I-VI. This is exactly what I need to fully complete the collection!

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

Who needs 3-D when you can watch this film with such raw quality on your VHS player at home? I could use me some kickass feminism.

3. Ant-Man

Is anyone else getting intense flashbacks of Honey I Shrunk The Kids? I suddenly really understand how Paul Rudd's character became an ant in the first place.

4. Jurrassic World

A film about dinosaurs, creatures that first appeared on this Earth 231.4 million years ago, should be on VHS. It's only fitting.

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron

There is so much fancy and new age technology in this film, that keeping it contained on VHS seems more necessary than anything. I know I'll be rewidning the action sequences over and over again.

6. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

With a slapstick 90s comedy vibe, Paul Blart is a must have on VHS. Who else remembers spending their childhood at the malls going into stores they couldn't afford?

While VHS cassettes are incredibly bulky and take up so much space, you know you can easily make the room.

With our current obsession with old fashioned relics, including vinyl players and typewriters, it's about time we bust out our old VHS films and begin to add to our already extensive collections.



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