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What started out as a retro statue line of DC women, was met with such warm reception that these superheroines are now getting their own mini-series!

With the help of writer Marguerite Bennett and illustrator Marguerite Sauvage, this August, DC plans on putting some of their leading ladies (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batwoman) at the head of their own cover photos and mini digital comic book series and the frontline of World War II!

In regards to the comic book, Bennett told GeekTyrant:

DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS is one of the wildest things I've ever had the pleasure to create--a story of the DC heroines, all the DC heroines, in a crisis that defines themselves as well as their generation.
I cannot possibly tell you how excited and grateful I am to be involved in a story this massive and inventive. The series will explore war stories, romances, mysteries, heists, action adventure, and horror in a way that only these characters could do--I cannot wait for this book to drop. Pun very much intended.

The artist Marguerite Bennett also discussed her excitement about the project and her process in helping create a parallel universe:

When I was contacted to work on this book, I was attracted by the retro style of the statues, not to mention the most iconic female characters of DC are represented. And then when I read Marguerite's script, I was really excited and totally convinced by the story, the tone and the universe and time it will take place. In terms of artistic approach, I focused on page layouts and more on graphics than on a realistic approach.
I spent a lot of time searching for references to be as accurate as possible to the story and habits of this time period, but keeping in mind it's a parallel universe, so I can take some freedom on details.

DC is also coming out with the following figurines to go along with the series that will be available for shipping in 2016.

(Via: Geektyrant)


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