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If you saw [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) and fell in love with the post-apocalyptic creepiness of the characters portrayed in the film, you may want to make this purchase. It's a respirator mask that mimics the mask that Immortan Joe wore while riding along the Fury Road.

Perfect for cosplay or for just sitting at home feeling like a brutal dictator and water coveter, this purchase is a no-brainer for many fans. Check out the description of it from Etsy seller thomasotom:

This is a lifesize wearable mask measuring 19cm wide, cast in cold cast aluminium fibreglass with resin and rubber parts. It comes with an adjustable elasticated strap and foam padding on the inside.

Take a look, what do you think?

I plan on buying one of these and turning all of the water spouts in my house on and purposely spilling it everywhere just to prove I'm a bad-ass.

Go see Mad Max if you haven't yet!

(Via: fashionablygeek)


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