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Stephen Adamson

The smash hit Jack Reacher came out back in 2012, but for some reason it feels like it wasn't that long ago. It was an awesome action flick, and featured Tom Cruise at his best. Has anyone noticed Cruise subtly has been proving he still has a lot left in the tank, with Edge of Tomorrow under his belt as well? Can't count that guy out!

The much anticipated sequel Jack Reacher 2 has found its director and it's going to be a reunion of sorts from The Last Samurai, which Cruise starred in as well. That director is Ed Zwick and he'll be collaborating with Marshall Herskovitz to re-write Richard Wenk's script for the film as well.

The original Jack Reacher made $218M worldwide with only a $60M budget, and also raked in another $23M on home video. When you put up those types of numbers in this day and age, a sequel is a true no-brainer.

Ed Zwick is wrapping up his biographical drama Pawn Sacrifice and Cruise refuses to slow down, coming off another classic action flick from a classic action franchise in [Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation](tag:373501) (expect to hit theaters July 31st).

I'm pretty into this collaboration and I think the sequel will be great! What do you think?



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