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The Good Wife will start Season 7 in the hopes of making some reparations for what many felt was a pretty shaky Season 6. The recent season finale found Alicia Florrick back on her own after a bid for States Attorney fell through the cracks and providing a number of different avenues for Season 7 to go down. The past season saw Alicia and her partners at Lockhart/Gardner strewn all over the place and now there's the looming threat of Peter possibly running for the Presidency (or Vice Presidency as the case may be) and Alicia starting up a new firm to possibly pit her against Diane and Carry... Let's take a closer look at the possibilities of where Season 7 of The Good Wife could end up taking us.

Is The Good Wife Heading to Washington DC?

The big will they/won't they question in Season 7 of The Good Wife is whether the show will go Presidential and see Peter Florrick run for the office of POTUS (with the intention of getting the Vice Presidential candidacy). The last episodes of the show seemed to put an end to the idea with Alicia voting no during the family meeting but that was when things were looking a little different for her starting her own practice.

The cliffhanger of The Good Wife's season six finale was seeing Michael J. Fox's Louis Canning showing up and asking Alicia if she wants to start a new firm. One of the issues with season six was the insane number of shifts Alicia's firm took from venturing out on their own to practically ending up back where they started. Even the big campaign for State's Attorney turned out to very anti-climactic. But both the prospect of Alicia joining forces with the conniving Canning and her being part of a high profile presidential campaign are full of great possibilities.

Will The Good Wife head to DC in season 7?
Will The Good Wife head to DC in season 7?

One thing that has always been at the heart of The Good Wife is Alicia's troubled relationship with her husband. Having Peter finally decide to seek a move up in the political world is a natural move for Chris Noth's character and would be a great way for the relationship to undergo even more scrutiny and strain. Alicia and Peter have been putting on a show of staying together for years now and as the series is likely to be entering its final seasons - finding a reason for the two to continue to keep up appearances is likely high on the list of things to do.

The Law Firm of Canning & Florrick?

Michael J. Fox's Louis Canning is one of the greatest characters the show has introduced in past seasons. The Good Wife's seventh season would be smart to keep Canning as big a part of the show as is possible and having these two strike out on their own is a brilliant idea. The possibility of Alicia being part of Peter's presidential run could see Canning & Florrick be an even more high profile firm - taking on bigger clients and using Canning's New York connections.

Will we see Canning & Florrick in season 7?
Will we see Canning & Florrick in season 7?

The antagonistic relationship between Alicia and Diane Lockhart and Cary Agos was pretty forced in Season 6. A lot of it had to do with hacked emails and miscommunication and misunderstanding. But now that Alicia seems to be set in being out of the firm, the show can really make a case for her to be at odds with her old partners for reason better than talking behind someone's back. Even if the last minute idea of having Diane and Cary fire Louis' wife was another forced plot point - there's more than enough shared history between these characters to keep an antagonistic relationship going through the next season.

Taking Alicia Florrick to the federal level with Louis Canning seems like the best way for the show to wrap things up. While there's no confirmation that Season 7 will be the final season of The Good Wife, more than anything else, Season 6 proved that the show could use some serious shaking up. Onward and upward makes sense and it would mean that Alicia's high profile run for State's Attorney wasn't completely without purpose. She's more of a national figure now that she has ever been and the show will likely want to take advantage of that and see how far she can go.

What do you think? What plans do you think The Good Wife has for Alicia and Peter? Is there a national campaign in their future? Will Alicia take up Louis Canning's offer? Spin your favorite Season 7 fan fiction in the comments below!


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