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Avalanche Studios have had a busy year with both the Mad Max game and Just Cause 3 coming out in late 2015. Mad Max will unfortunately be competing with [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) on its release date, which may really hit its sales. But hopefully we'll see both of the games work out well for this hilarious publisher who've served us all well in the past.

I've been with the Just Cause series ever since the beginning and I still remember how its stunningly colourful graphics blew me away on PC. Just Cause 2 expanded on every aspect of the initial game and man was it a shit load of fun - that awful voice acting had me in stitches! I can't wait to see what they do with Just Cause 3 on its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC. But which Avalanche title has your attention? Are you more excited for the Mad Max game or Just Cause 3?

Just Cause 3...dem colours!
Just Cause 3...dem colours!

Just Cause 3 vs the Mad Max Game - Which Release Date Are You Most Excited For?

Having seen the explosive [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) last night, I'm feeling rather pumped to see if Avalanche Studios can do for Mad Max what Rocksteady did for Batman. Though of course that isn't likely going to happen, the recent Mad Max gameplay trailer was actually really cool! Warner Brothers have published some seriously great games as of late, a lot of which are borrowing the fighting mechanics from Rocksteady.

Shadow of Mordor last year had some brutal take downs tacked onto Batman's combat, whereas the Mad Max game seems to be doing something similar. Don't get me wrong I love that combat system, I just hope that Warner Brothers don't overuse it in their games to the point where it becomes dry and dull. But even though I'm dying to get my hands on the madness of Just Cause 3, Mad Max is kind of intriguing. It could be the game that I wanted Rage to be!

Mad Max Game
Mad Max Game

But what about you guys? Which of these Avalanche titles has your attention? Are you dying top take control of Rodriguez once more in Just Cause 3, only this time equipped with up to three different zip lines? Or are you intrigued to see if they can do justice for Mad Max in the realms of video games? Let us know in the comments and pray that the Mad Max game doesn't get swallowed up by Metal Gear Solid on its September 1st release date!


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