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We are in for some serious time travelling judging by the two trailers for the next installment of the Terminator franchise. Old (67 in fact) Arnie is back looking angrier and grayer than ever muttering his infamous "I'll be back" in our first peak at what's to come from Genisys.

The first Terminator 5 trailer's an enigma with a peak at the new plot as John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends soldier Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to save his mother from the supposed wrath of the Terminator. The twist seemingly being that this isn't in fact what Sarah needs saving from. So, victim identified as the ever present but who is the villain?

I warn you now the second trailer may well be the ultimate spoiler. John Connor "the saviour of the human race" shown to be a mixture of man and machine is seemingly the new surprise villain up against his mum or a flashback version of her at least. It's hard to figure out the timeline of the film by the trailer alone but general consensus points right at John Connor as our new baddie for the Terminator to destroy. Youtubers were not happy with this second trailer putting their own spoiler warnings in the comment section and even begging Paramount to "please let Arnold retire".

Crusader helping the unknowing from knowing
Crusader helping the unknowing from knowing

A big surprise already obliterated by another Terminator Genisys trailer giving too much away? Perhaps. But at a recent interview with Slashfilm Jason Clarke tells that "there really are some surprises in this movie. Truly amazing surprises". Hopefully the biggest one hasn't just been revealed in this second trailer. There's building up the hype with two trailers and there's killing the movie before you've even seen it. We'll just have to pray that Paramount haven't done the latter.

Reports suggest that this may be the case with John Connors' reveal as the villain being questioned already. Surely they wouldn't give away a story line six years in the making in a two minute trailer? Maybe we are being fooled or maybe, like so many recent movies have been doing, we have been given the twist before we've even sat in the theatre chair. Whatever the story with John I think we know he's going to be taking a very central role in the latest installment, as Jason Clarke so articulately says "I’m not just standing there being stoic. And Alan’s slapping me around a lot. Yeah, there’s a lot to be, yeah….". So yeah, there's a lot we don't know, yeah...

Perhaps this is wishful thinking but Doctor Who actor Matt Smith is tipped to be a large part of this blockbuster. Not featuring in either trailer makes you wonder if he is in fact our new decidedly British rapscallion, fez and all (if we're lucky).

My money's on John Connors as our bad guy. It seems to be a growing trend to give away the big reveal before the release and I can't help but think they've only gone and done it again. All will be revealed on July 1 and as Arnie himself would say "I'll be back" to find out.


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