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The first chapter in the journey of the fastest man alive has come to an end. While the show did nail the ending, it did have its fair share of problems. Nevertheless, despite the plot holes, unnecessary jokes and the annoying breaks in between, the show did manage to deliver.

The main problem with The Flash is at times it makes no sense. When dealing with super powered criminals, like say Captain Cold, Barry should be able to knock him down and throw his ass into Iron Heights before Snart could even pull the trigger of his ridiculous freeze gun. I mean, Flash is the fastest speedster in the comic book world, he can in fact outrun Quicksilver, but sadly his abilities seem underwhelming to say the least. However we do have to keep in mind that this is a TV show and not a movie, so absence of his blink and miss speed can be excused, meaningless plots however is another story entirely. Remember back when the Flash had to make Captain Cold's and Heatwave's freeze and heat guns, respectively to cross streams? Like that makes any sense, as I mentioned, Barry should have been able to disarm them both within a second. Or do you remember when Mark Mardon struck Joe's car with lightning but Barry got his out in time? You expect me to believe that Mardon didn't see Barry moving at superhuman speed and put two and two together? Further, remember when Snart's sister told Cisco to create a gun which can turn things to gold? That gives us the impression that Cisco is a god when it comes to creating stuff and like a genie can grant anything the plot requires, so what's stopping him from say curing cancer or creating a machine that can produce diamonds? I know you're thinking, "Jeez dude it's just a TV show" and I agree but that doesn't mean you can do anything and expect the audience to just deal with it and by the way who the hell asks for a gun that can turn stuff into gold anyway!?!

Moving on, I felt that this show had a lot of unnecessary humor, which seems like they're following Marvel's playbook. Characters like Cisco just come off as being annoying rather than funny (which is why I was glad when he died, but unfortunately they brought him back). Characters like Firestorm seem like heroes who belong in a comic book, the idea of merging a brash young dude and an annoying old guy is something that only looks good on paper. Captain Cold and Heatwave on the other hand just come off as a retarded pair. I don't know about you, but I found both of them extremely annoying, especially in terms of performances, and dialogues like "why do people call you the heat? I am the heat!" just makes things worse. By the way did anyone else notice how they manage to bring in fire and ice, respectively into almost every single dialogue?

But enough nitpicking, let's focus on the stuff the show did get right. First off the cast, I personally loved the performances of Tom Cavanagh, Mark Hamill and Jesse L. Martin. Cavangh's performance is to be commended of course, I mean it's not easy being intimidating while you're dressed in yellow is it? And who doesn't love those awesome teasers at the end of every episode? Speaking of episodes, while almost all the episodes were pretty meh; the pilot, The Man in the Yellow Suit, and the finale, Fast Enough stood out. And if you've noticed two out of three of them followed DC's style of being grim and serious. Doing so raises the tension and makes the show more intriguing. The Flash bascially needs to take itself more seriously if it wants to be the best superhero show. To sum up, the good episodes and the teasers in the end out weighted all the cheese in the show. No offence to those who don't agree with me, however feel free to share your opinion in the comments section, oh and may the speed force be with you!


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