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I have been DREAMING of another Mortal Kombat being made ever since I was a little kid in Taekwondo (I wanted to grow up to be Scorpion). And they directors and writers seem to be focusing solely on recreating old movies now a days, I think it is about time this movie got some attention!

Now I made picks for my favorite characters! Also focusing mostly on the characters from the movie, vs the games.

Liu Kang would be the obvious place to start!

My pick would be Daniel Henney! I got my first look at this beautiful man as Agent Zero in Xmen Origins. True, my real intentions are to have a handsome, well-built, shirtless man to stare at; but can you blame me!?

Here's another, just for you ladies out there!

Can you say YUMMY?
Can you say YUMMY?

Next we have to find a Raiden!

David Carradine! What a perfect VOICE for the God of Thunder and Lightning!

Johnny Cage was my next subject. I felt like we needed someone with a SLIGHT douche-factor, while still being likeable (and hot); so who could I be talking about!?

Channing Tatum!

I always felt like Mr Cage was there more for female appeal than character need, and I'm totally ok with that!

Missing some of our female characters, let's look at Sonya Blade. I was thoroughly appalled that Mortal Kombat Annihilation's portrait of Sonya was basically a hot girl with a white tank top rolling around in mud. I'm not kidding either! First 5 min of the movie that's all Mrs Blade is good for.

While I DO love looking at good looking people, I don't like for it to be thrown in my face in such an obvious fashion!

That's why I picked Scarlette Johansson! Gorgeous woman, who (as we've seen in Avengers) can kick some major ass! (And, in one of my nerdier moments, I watched the audio commentary and found out that Ms Johansson prefers to do most of her own stunts. More power to ya girl!)

But let's bring the blonde locks back!

Next is Kano. Now I have always had a crush on Kano (I have a thing for villains apparently), so I took some time looking up someone who could pull off Kano's formidable appearance and jester attitude. My pick may not be an actor, but I still think Chuck Liddell would make an AWESOME Kano.

Princess Kitana= Mila Kunis

Kitana needs to be someone who looks regal, but defiant (and someone who could totally kick some ass)

And it would be totally hot to have sexual tension between Kunis and Henney!

The next character is Jax; they always made Jax seem so weak in the films. I want to see someone who can crush a man's skull with his bare hands!

So- obviously- Michael Duncan is who should get the part! The man's VOICE is enough to knock someone down!

Went back to WWE for Goro.


Baraka. Baraka Baraka Baraka. Now, I MAY have gotten the idea of this actor being Baraka from XMen Origins, BUT how much does Ryan Reynolds look like he could play Baraka!?

I have been struggling a little bit for Shang Tsung. I narrowed it down to either Dennis Hopper

or Robert Patrick

There was no way I could pick an acceptable actor for Sub Zero or Scorpion. They are my absolute favorite characters.

Well thanks for reading! If you like my picks, or have one to add, let me know!!


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