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We live in a world where once every 4 months or so we get an epic Superhero blockbuster that drains us of our cash to witness 2 hours or so of earth's mightiest heroes fighting the bad guys. These Superheroes usually have their lives together and have it good because of their superhero status. I want to delve in to the idea of what, if they weren't superheroes, they would be. Find your favorite Marvel and DC characters below and if this article does well I'll do a part 2!

1. Steve Rogers - Captain America

First up is the First Avenger, Steve Rogers. The little courageous man who dreamed of fighting for America in World War 2. The only reason he became a hero is because of the super serum that enhanced everything about him. Sure he still had courage to his name, but the super speed, excelled strength and heightened senses weren't abilities he was born with. The most likely outcome would have been that he would have never gotten into the American army and probably would have lived out a quiet and easy-going life. He may just have preferred that. A country home with a white picket fence is something it's clear he yearned for. He probably would have had a nice wife and kids also. I can't help but imagine he would have preferred it.

2. Peter Parker - Spider-Man

The nerdy high-school student who has a passion for photography and skateboarding is next on the agenda. His life was really turned upside down when he got bitten by the radioactive spider and it's debatable if it was for the better or not. He wasn't the most popular guy in school and he wasn't the smartest of the bunch. But he was charismatic and he did enjoy taking his photos. Life with Gwen Stacy would have been a lot easier without the web-slinging and possibly a life in the Daily Bugle would have been in the cards.

3. Bruce Wayne - Batman

So what if Bruce Wayne never decided to be a gadget-equipped, trained fighter who takes down criminals in Gotham City? Well for one, he would be still pretty damn fine. He would still be a multi-millionaire who lives quite extravagantly. Chances are he wouldn't be the mature man he is as Batman and rather be a wild young millionaire who enjoys spending all the money made at Wayne Enterprises and most likely wouldn't play a major part in the running of the company. Drugs, alcohol and living a celebrity lifestyle similar to the one Oliver Queen plays at the start of the hit TV series, Arrow.

4. Barry Allen - The Flash

I'm gonna go with the TV series and what would have happened he hadn't been struck by the Particle Accelerator that fateful night. For one, his job would be pretty secure as a very good forensic scientist. As for relationships, he wouldn't marry Iris West as the confidence from the suit wouldn't quite be there. I think he would eventually move out of Joe's place and move in with a normal girl he likes and follow the career of catching criminals at the scene of crimes.


5. Jack Napier - The Joker

So what would happen to the devastatingly depressed Jack Napier in 'The Killing Joke' if he didn't fall in to the pit of chemicals that caused him to physically and mentally collapse? I think it's safe to say he wouldn't have made it out of the facility they were robbing and he would have gotten caught. Jail for maybe 2/3 years and gotten out to see his child grow up and his wife move on from the family Jack dragged them down on. Not happy about his family leaving him and no money in sight I think it would cause him to eventually kill himself tragically.

That's all for the fan-fiction. Let me know what you think the superheroes would be doing!


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