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In just one year, Chris Pratt has gone from a Parks & Recreation funnyman one of Hollywood's top actors. After receiving widespread acclaim for his performance as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, his starring role in the upcoming Jurassic World is getting a sizable amount of promotion. Audiences are convinced that whatever project he's attached to will be even better with him in it. Considering his A-list status, it's clear to see why the speculation of him joining the newly proposed Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters movies came into fruition. Unfortunately, Chris Pratt himself recently confirmed that his involvement with these projects was just one big rumor.

A picture from GQ's profile piece.
A picture from GQ's profile piece.

Recently, Chris Pratt sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine for a profile piece on the actor. It it is mentioned that during the interview, Pratt admitted to having a brief discussion of playing Indiana Jones with Disney. Sadly, the idea never really got farther than that due to scheduling issues. In regards to the Indiana Jones rumors, GQ states:

“Someone high up at Disney did mention to him a while back that they were picking up the rights to Indiana Jones, to which Pratt commented that his action-adventure card was fairly full.”

When discussing the Ghostbusters rumors, Pratt was much more blunt in stating that they were:

“Complete bulls**t.”

Sorry guys, but it looks like Chris Pratt has too much on his table right now to brandish a whip or strap on a proton pack.

I admit it would have been quite awesome to see Pratt don Indy's hat. On the other hand, we still have Jurassic World to look forward to, as well as the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie (coming in 2017).

Besides Guardians of the Galaxy 2, his future roles after Jurassic World are a mystery. If you ask me, the anticipation of what Pratt's next role will be is absolutely thrilling. Perhaps he will take a break from the action-adventure genre and return to his roots with a comedy. Conversely, he could do a serious drama for awards season. Or maybe he will secure a new action-adventure role and thrill audiences once again. Who knows where he will end up next?

In the meantime, audiences can see Pratt swing into action in Jurassic World, in theaters June 12th.


What role do you want Pratt to tackle next?


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