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Tuesday night's season finale of The Flash was a stellar example of the perfection that can be attained in a comic book television series when a network cares about the character and the fans who love him.

The episode was stuffed to the gills with awesomeness, and that goes well beyond the stunning visual effects -- which looked amazing, by the way.

No, it wasn't seeing the speed force for the first time, or the battle at the end of the episode, nor the twists and turns in the script that likely no one saw coming, that made this finale so special.

So what made the show so beyond description, you ask?

These three powerful and emotionally charged moments below are what catapulted this episode into unparalleled awesomeness.

1.) Barry and Joe's Incredibly Touching "Father, Son" Moment Will Kick You Square in the Feels

Joe and Barry kickin' it with a brew
Joe and Barry kickin' it with a brew

If you're close with your dad, or have a kid of your own, one of the scenes from the finale that left you feeling a bit choked up is when Barry called Joe, "Dad" and Joe in turn, called Barry his "son."

Since Barry was going back in time to try saving his mom, it would mean completely altering the timeline and young Allen would've never lived with Joe and Iris, nor would any of them have any recollection of their previous lives together.

The final embrace these two shared before Flash sped into the past clearly demonstrates how important it is for a young man to have a strong male role model in his life, and if you're fortunate enough to have one of those, you no doubt came close to shedding a tear or two here.

2.) Barry's Conversation With His Real Dad and the Affirmation He Receives From His Pops

Touching father and son moment
Touching father and son moment

When Barry goes to seek the advice of dear old dad about whether or not he should use his powers to travel back in time and save his mother -- and Henry's wife -- he does what any good father would do who is proud of the man his son has become.

He gushes over him, and then tells him not to give up everything he's gained, despite the tragedy he's endured along the way.

Henry comes across as a man of true conviction who is overcome with sacrificial love for his son and desires his happiness to be complete over his own.

Even though Barry doesn't completely understand why his dad wouldn't be first in line to support the current course of action -- given he has so much to gain from it -- Henry tells his son he'll understand when he has a child of his own.

Sniff, sniff.

3. Barry Gets One Final Goodbye With His Beloved Mother

One final goodbye.
One final goodbye.

While Barry Allen ultimately chose to listen to his future self -- some Back to the Future lingo here -- and decides not to alter the timeline by saving his mother, he is at least given the opportunity to say one last goodbye and get closure on this tragic part of his life.

Barry stoops over his dying mother and reveals his identity, and the tearful exchange that follows is enough to take the Man of Steel himself and turn him into a sobbing puddle of goo.

This, by far, was the scene that really struck a nerve with me, as Grant Gustin did a fantastic job conveying Barry's emotional state at having to watch his mom die for a second time.

It gave me chills.

There you have it, folks. The three most POWERFUL, moving moments from the season one finale of The Flash.

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