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The Flash Season 1 has wrapped up with us wanting more, could this have been a better 1st season? I doubt it, with the "Fastest man alive" ripping through the streets and the time continuum, we have had plenty to be excited about. Since there are so many good things I can say about this show, I'll just pick five of my favorite things or moments of The Flash.

5. Great super-powered show from start to finish.

From episode one, they had me. It is not easy to keep the energy up for a show, but manages to nearly every episode. Barry Allen was in a coma for nine months, but when he woke up, he gave birth to superhero unlike anything we have had in a long time. We come to find out years ago that his mother was murdered by super being in yellow and his father was framed for her murder. His mission is to find the killer and bring him to justice, and free his father. With that weighing heavy on his mind, it is hard to ignore his personality. He is charismatic, funny, and a good guy you want to root for every episode. Is it his character, his power, his speed, or the intense music that truly get the blood pumping? It is all of that. I have a clip here from the very first episode. At the 1:00 mark is where I just lost it. It was SO exciting to see 1st of all The Flash being remade and it being done very well. What else can I say except "RUN BARRY RUN!!!"

4. The Reverse Flash / Dr. Wells.

Oh my, what a complicated character he is. Here is a sympathetic father like mentor in a wheelchair, a Mr. Dr. Harrison Wells. Someone the show was not too shy about showing his dark side. The very first episode, he displayed his darkness, but not a complete explanation by his reasons for committing murder, not to mention, he can walk just fine. Bit by bit, they gave us a little more of his secrets and darkness, and yet he is an integral part of team Barry. No one could prepare you when you find out he was indeed the Reverse Flash, the killer of Barry's mother.

He kept having you wondering what was his true motive. Why didn't he kill Barry? He doesn't know you he really is, at the time. Come to find out, we didn't at all. He is really Eobard Thawne, a wolf in sheep's clothing. The Reverse Flash or Eobard, Dr. Wells, is from the future and was trapped in the past. He assumed Dr. Wells identity in the most grimmest fashion possible, making sure you would never forget it. He is the most relentless and calculating villain in a series in a long time.

3. Crossovers Galore!

The Flash, Barry Allen, was first introduced to us on Arrow. He appeared in two or three episodes to establish the spinoff. His transformation actually took place at Star Labs, but on Arrow. The Arrow show kept mention of Barry during his nine month coma. We never saw him come to on Arrow, but he gave Oliver a gift he needed for a while, a mask. Before his change, Barry told Oliver in order to protect your identity, you're gonna need a mask.

Arrow was there episode one of The Flash to complete the crossover, connecting the two shows. As a return gesture, Oliver gave the same advise to Barry, enter the crimson suit. They appeared on each other's show numerous times. One of the most popular was The Flash vs Arrow. Barry lost his mind a little, so it was up to Arrow to stop the Flash?! This is a B version of Batman vs Superman, which I loved. It was as you can imagine, a David vs. Goliath.

Arrow wasn't the only character appeared on The Flash, Arrow's entire crew has made an appearance and vice versa team Barry on Arrow, not to mention a new superhero was introduced by the name of Firestorm. Atom from Arrow also made an appearance. The Flash was loaded with characters and crossovers.

2. Grodd lives!!!

Let me start off by saying, aside from knowing that Gorilla Grodd is one of The Flash's greatest nemesis, I don't know that much about Gorilla Grodd, but... I am more than certain, that was Grodd all... the...way! I have to say this was such a risk, because even though there are supernatural characters in this series, a telepathic, super strong, super intelligent Gorilla on a show could have broken it.... The only way this would have worked out any better is that Grodd was actually real!

The episode where The Flash encounters Grodd was one of the most exciting episodes of the season! I probably couldn't be more frightened for our hero... I mean I didn't think he was going to squash him, but I just think a big ass telepathic gorilla is freaking scary. The graphics on him was better than I could have imagined, especially for a TV series. He is a awesome monster and I look forward to him to terrorizing this series in the near future. It is amazing what you can do when you take a chance.

1. The Legends of Tomorrow.

Before the season finale, there was an epic trailer shown about the spinoff to both Arrow and The Flash. Characters from both shows and and a few new ones are making a team unlike anything we've seen since the Avengers, a non DC entity. Why am I including it on this list? Well just before the end of the season finale of The Flash, there was a massive tornado portal that is on the verge of sucking up the entire city. Among the citizens were baddie Captain Cold and a newcomer, Hawkgirl. This is number one because of what the fruits of CW's labor has brought us. We have two successful shows in Arrow and now The Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl
Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl

Them including the Legends into the season finale of The Flash means that things have just got bigger for DC, and that means everything. I am not only excited for this new show, I am excited for the future of DC.


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