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A devastating head-on collision between two cars in North Carolina resulted in a burning inferno, and a couple trapped inside their car, minutes from disaster! Thankfully, a man wearing a Captain America t-shirt became a real-life superhero as he saved the lives of two complete strangers after pulling them from the burning wreckage of a car.

Not Captain Steve Rogers, but Captain Steve Voglezon, saved the day. Stationed at the nearby Fort Bragg, Voglezon used a fire extinguisher to smash the windows before dragging the pair to safety.

Speaking to, Voglezon credited his army training and like all good heroes, refused to accept the hero status:

I grabbed one of the fire extinguishers and we smashed out on the back window and the driver’s side window. ….There wasn’t a real plan, I just had tunnel vision.
I was just at the right place at the right time. People do this every day at the fire department. I wasn’t alone out there, there were at least 10 of us in the community working together.

Check out the dramatic footage below, and thanks to Captain Steve Voglezon, it has a happy outcome.


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