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Hey! I'm so excited to post my first post! Okay, that just sounds weird... I bet you that even if I get one read, maybe even one follower I'll probably pass out. I've been wanting to start a blog for a while, but I've not gotten around to it. But now I have! Anyway, I've decided to start this blog for people who can relate to me, or for people who just want to laugh out loud at my terrible puns (laugh out loud!? Get it? I was right about the terrible puns...) But what I mostly want to be able to share what I'm feeling without having act like something I'm not to fit in, so under the name lolzipop I'm gonna be myself and be free with my words because nobody can bring me down if they don't know me. So good luck to anyone that wants to. I'm also going to be posting a lot of quotes too, because they're something I can relate to. So I'm gon' go ahead and post my first one -

I'd rather be real
and say how I feel
Than act all fake
and be something I ain't

So that's basically what I just said but in rhyme, 'cuz who doesn't love rhyme? Btw, if anyone actually reads this, please comment how I can improve, what you'd like to see next or maybe a favorite quote I could use. Anyone who actually reads this is my new best friend.

Love, Lolzipop xx


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