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Robyn Rihanna Fentry
Robyn Rihanna Fentry

Is there anyone in the world that would confuse singer Rihanna with Batman's ward, Robin the Boy Wonder? Well DC Entertainment (owned by Warner Bros) does— Or rather they think people will.

In a case that one can only describe as lawyers gone wild, DC Entertainment has set forth to block the famous singer from using her first name, Robyn, to promote a new online magazine she was planning to start.

According to the complaint that was filed on May 11th, DC wants to stop Rihanna from using the name, claiming that the name is virtually identical to the comic book side-kick and that people/consumers will likely get confused and be deceived. Even though the spelling is different (Robyn vs Robin), DC claims that they are too similar.

DC also claimed in the complaint that Rihanna's magazine would tarnish the comic book character's name, and that a publication called "Robyn" is likely to dilute the boy wonder's brand, and infringe on the character's established trademark.

The Character Robin first appeared in Detective Comics #38 (1940). The first Robin was orphan Dick Grayson, whose circus preforming parents were killed in an apparent accident while executing a difficult stunt in their trapeze act. Over the years there have been several Robins, replacing the last as they grew up (or died).

Lawyers for both sides refused to make any comments to the press.


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