ByJames Greer, writer at

Humans have a poor atention span. the avarage human can only concentrate on one thing for about 30 minutes. Pretty bad right. so when it comes to TV adverts, it really does help us to take in more information and understand the fiml/TV series more.

first of all, the normal film/TV series has a break about every 10-15 minutes to show us useless adverts which we dont even care about. most of us just drift of in to our phones whilst they are being shown, but what you dont know is that whilst you are not concentrating on what has just happend on screen, you reallly are. your brain is remembering what has just happend on screen. so when you watch a show for an hour straight without dosing of or leaving the room, you are overloading your brain with information that is happening on screen, aswell as thinking about what has happend earlier in the day or yesterday.

breaks give us time to let our brains reflect on what has happend so that we understand what is happening in more detail.

eg: When you watch Doctor Who on BBC for 45 minutes with no breaks you will not understand it as much as much as an eposode of Gotham on channel 5 which has a break every 10 minutes.

So when watching TV online or on netflix, why not pause it every 20 minutes and check your facebook for a threw minutes, then press play again. I bet you will remember more.

TV is a very powerful art form which is watched by millions every day, so why not watch it the correct way, with breaks.


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