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*Possible Spoilers* To start my first post I choose the topic of anime. So you know I have not watched as many anime series as the fan boys and fan girls have. I am still gonna do my best to provide anime series that are just too popular or overrated. This does not mean that these anime are bad (I may even like some of them) they are just so hyped in a way that they just can't live up to their reputation. I will be using some of my own thoughts and information I find on other websites. If I leave out one that you think should be on this list tell me in the comments. I hope you have fun with this article and if you like it, show your support and I'll make more! :)

1. Dragon Ball Z

Don't get me wrong this show holds cherished childhood memories. Although, this show holds nothing spectacular for me.

The show is very dramatic about everything. The series is just a bunch of fighting and yelling. It can be nice to experience the ridiculousness for the first time. But it's not to good enough to watch all the episodes in each series and the movies (not even half just saying).

Now, the other series like, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Kai are not as popular. I have not watched any others myself, but I hear the original series actually had really good characters and most of them were stripped of their importance once Dragon Ball Z came around.

This show has low quality for the most part, up until recent years.
The show has arcs and a nice story line, but it's hard to get to the point. Episode after episode seems to be mainly fighting and a heated debate, not much more.
I mean the fight between Goku and Frieza lasted 4 hours and 13 minutes. NOBODY NEEDS A FIGHT THAT LONG.

2. Death Note

Death Note is the only anime I hate personally as an anime fan. The music is really great, I love the music. It's just that this is one of those shows I watched because it was a 'classic' so I had heard. The characters are pretty bland.

You start of liking Light, the main character, but then he becomes enthralled in this idea of the Death Note. He obsesses over it and thinks he's a god and he just becomes this horrible person that you despise. L, the antagonist (not quite), is even worse. He doesn't have much of a personality and he is just...well, weird. That's not a bad thing, but they do not use it well. He doesn't have strong emotions usually and that confuses me a lot. The best character in the series is the shinigami, Ryuk. He makes you laugh and will do anything for an apple.

The show's twists aren't that great. One character thinks they are so clever and believe they are going to outsmart the other, then that other reveals that he knows the plan all along and that is basically all the twists.

The second season is even worse. L gets killed and then his predecessor, Near, gets to take over with Light. It all goes downhill from there because the main conflict has dissipated. Now don't get me started on the lack-luster ending. I can't even believe that. What bullshit kind of ending was that. Seriously, ugh!

3. Sword Art Online

Personally I enjoyed this show. So did a lot of other people and that is why it's on this list. The show does pretty good on the first couple episodes and then it begins to lack. The first episode was great. It was dark and frightening. The episode made you feel the panic and the show seemed really serious.The show then went from gloomy to happy and not as serious. That's not always a bad thing, but it focused on key details that didn't quite fit how the series began.

While Kirito was alone it was actually kind of interesting. When he met Asuna the duo seemed kind of interesting. When they began to date though it became cliche af. It seemed that romance could beat anything and they could only live with each other. You know the romance that pulls us in because we are jealous, because it's so unrealistic.

Now moving on to the part that makes me so angry. The clip above I have chosen just for this. THIS IS NOT AN ECCHI SERIES! I can't believe they did panty shots and other cliche ecchi moves. This series is suppose to be either happy or sad not something that a person can get off to. It has more meaning to that. It does nothing for the story and it just annoys the fuck out of me. It's trying to be an ecchi and a harem. Other than the panty shots and boob groping, there is a form of incest. The cousin, Kirigaya, is dealing with some sort of feelings towards Kirito and it's just...ugh. Season even worse. I've tried to finish it. I can't. An alternative to this show may be: Log Horizon or .hack//Sign

*Don't forget Kirito doesn't have any actual power, he is super weak.*

4. Attack On Titan

I had to put this in here to be honest. I am so excited to see this movie. It looks great. Although, I wonder how they are going to pull off some of the great fighting scenes.

This show is really fun and original in terms of the focus of the story lines. It's just so that is where it's fault is at. If you haven't heard of this show then get out of here because this is the anime everyone praised like a god in 2013. If you haven't at least heard of it then you probably don't even watch anime.

The visuals and music are spot on. Also, this show WILL make you cry or almost cry. It is just reckless with it's killings. It gives no fucks of your feelings it will break your heart and hope, but you just keep on watching.

The pacing is awfully slow. Fighting sequences in here did not need to be spread out over the amount episodes it did. You could have skipped some dramatic parts that were doing nothing to make the story quicken. I know this is because they use the manga as source material, but do they not know how to come up with their own ideas?

Leaving almost all of the questions the people want to know isn't very nice. What happens to the main characters? What was the colossal titan? Why did Annie save Eren? Can you answer just a few questions, I mean it wouldn't hurt the second season of the show. It just flusters me, the amount of questions they left.

The show is dark and gory which pulls in fans. It gives a relief from the often used fan service in most series. It makes the deaths dramatic and heightens the feeling of fear in the show. Making this one of the 'classics' we may see in the future.

5. Naruto

I really do like this show. I'm just not a fan of watching so many episodes of a show. A lot of people love this show for it's lovable characters and action.

The show has a lot of fighting. They go in depth with the dialogue and throw in some background history of a character. Battles are heated and usually revolve around the team that you love and the team that you don't love so much. This makes you attached to the characters.

Leading to the next attachment. Characters in this show have a lot of meaning. It makes you emotional because a lot of them sacrifice themselves. The sacrifices usually save the rest of the group making you cry even harder,

The characters involved in this story line make this show what it is. You get attached to the show itself. Usually you have lovable and righteous characters such as: Itachi or Kakashi. They even make the villains slightly likable by justifying their reasoning behind evil doing.

It is a great show with a lot of meaning. Although that's why people are attracted. Making it really popular and overrated.

6. Pokemon

Stop singing the theme song. I know it is really catchy, but you need to focus on this list. This is probably the most know anime in the west. Most children (including big children Cx) watch it and adore it.

This show doesn't grow much. Ash stays the same age the entire series. That makes it a memorable anime do to the fact that you can come back to the show and still get the same feel that you got as a kid.

The constant change of cast. The main cast usually stays there (Ash, Brock, and a female companion), but this sometimes changes. Usually we have a revolving female character such as: Misty or Dawn. The sad thing is that Brock recently got cut off of the main cast and now it seems to be only Ash left.

Good morale is told throughout the series. It teaches your child of dedication, friendships, and sacrifice. It has always shown that you will get to where you want if you set your mind to it, no matter what obstacle is in your way.

The action sequences are great and can be sad. Sometimes Ash doesn't get what he wants or one of his Pokemon get hurt.

There amount of merchandise following this series is enough to keep it going for decades. It has an extremely popular gaming franchise and loads more like: stuffed animals and action figures. This is whole world of Pokemon is so big that it will forever remain in our hearts.

7. Clannad

WARNING: this anime will bring you to the verge of tears, more than any other on this list.

This is a widely popular series known for being really sad. While this is true, it doesn't make it the best or only sad anime out there. Try watching: Air or Ef: A Tale of Melodies

It has magical music that will transcend your heart to another world. The music is the main component to you crying at this series. Don't get me wrong the situations here are pretty sad, but the music is even sadder.

Nagisa and Tomoya are a really cute duo. This is so because of their developing relationship throughout this series. They help each other with their problems and inch towards the outside, hand in hand.

The harem in this series needs to go away. They have nice connections to the main character, but lack intelligence. As in all the girls around Tomoya seem to be secretly in love with him. Shipping in this series can vary, until the moment Tomoya starts to date one of the girls.

The series is glorified for it's stories and the sadness it brings. Making this show well known a little too much.


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