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So, Mad Max: Fury Road was my most anticipated movie of the summer and I just got back from watching it and man, it was absolutely lovely! Before I dive into it let me explain the plot quickly to those who are just wanting to watch a great film. The plot is actually pretty light. This is the fourth installment to the Mad Max franchise and the last time we see Max was thirty years ago. This is a new Max, not Mel Gibson but Tom Hardy. So, in this fallen post apocalyptic world controlled by the mad. Max is trapped in this horrible chaos and is just trying to escape this and he comes along the spectacular Charlize Theron. Yeah, that's pretty much it, yeah, pretty light and that's just fine for me. Now, let's get to the reviewing.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a milestone in action cinema. I had so much fun with this movie, I absolutely loved it. The film basically takes place in the Outback on cars and roads for the whole run time. Mad Max: Fury Road is made for escapism. The story takes you into the screen for two hours and after it's over you'll want more and more you'll eventually go mad. The performances were really great. I was thinking about it and I loved every single character put on screen. The film was a non stop thrill ride.

This movie was insane, but fucking hilarious. George Miller knows how to write a film. I was actually the only one laughing at some of the jokes. The reason why is because most of it was dark and unsettling but the actors delivered perfectly. Before this and after Beyond Thunderdome Miller has directed the two Babe movies and the two Happy Feet movies so you're probably thinking Fury Road will be more childish than the other three well it wasn't.

For a guy who has not directed an action film in thirty years and who just turned seventy has made an action film that will not be forgotten in many years to come. Okay, Happy Feet was entirely a 3d animated movie and Fury Road was strongly marketed to watch in the third dimension. I was a little worried that it would be a cgi crapfest but it wasn't. This film had real effects and performances. Most of the actors helped on the stunt work which is always a great thing. When there was really noticeable cg that did not bother me at all because they did it on purpose.

Also, the makeup design was fucking amazing. Some makeup effects were so good it grossed me out. If it's grossing me out that really is a good thing since I am really falling for it. I will talk about Immortan Joe later but I want to be him seriously. Mostly, because of his menacing mullet and his bad ass mask, also his voice. The set design was so fucking nice to look at man. There was not one scene where a green screen was noticeable.

There was not one scene of shaky cam. There was just wide shots that capture the action perfectly. The cinematography really sets the tone. Honestly, this is one movie that really shows off in your face. Michael Bay tries to do that in every film he makes and everyone hates him for that. Bay puts nausea in his films. Bay should just watch this film and he should be ashamed of his life's work. Some shots gave me chills. I love shots that Wes Anderson puts in his flicks. Just quick shots not long pointless shots that are just to make the audience look stupid.

Now, the acting. Everyone was interesting. Max was not the only interesting character even in a movie about him. Nicholas Hoult as Nux my god he was great. In the trailers you'll probably think he is just there to crack jokes but no. He had very emotional scenes and he cracked jokes as well. Let's just talk about Tom Hardy as Max. Mel Gibson is Mel Gibson no one could replace him but I did buy Hardy as the Road Warrior. Hardy did not feel like a unnecessary replacement.

Now, the villain Immortan Joe. Joe was the main mad man who controlled the town with the power of water and man he was a good fucking villain. Hugh Keays-Byrne is Immortan Joe and Hugh was the main villain in the original as the Toe Cutter. Boy, he can be a really good villain. Not, a lot of folks are not really talking about him and I thought he stole the screen every time he was on screen. Move Ultron Immortan Joe is the god of the apocalypse. Yeah, Immortan Joe is already the villain of the summer.

Now, the reason why I'm talking about the females lastly is because I have some stuff to say. This movie is not a film just made for men. This film is made for both genders. There are no damsel's in distress Max is actually the one who is always in trouble. The film is built on strong female role. No one was annoying. I think you should take your girlfriend to see this because there is really deep feminism in this and it was written incredibly. Charlize Theron was incredible. She was a bad ass. I cared so much for her character. Probably one of the best written female character I have seen for a long time.

So, I'm wrapping this up and I highly highly recommend seeing this. I do not want this to bomb. I want more. See this instead of Pitch Perfect 2. You have watched Age of Ultron to many times now see something else. Overall Mad Max: Fury Road was the best film I have seen in a while and is absolutely the film of the year so far. I'm giving Mad Max: Fury Road an A+. If you have seen this what were your thoughts? Did you love it like me?


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