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When, it comes to musicals I really love them unless they are bad and if I'm in the mood.

5. Les Miserables: The most recent movie, and now we don't get good musicals that often and I didn't like Into the Woods but this is a movie that is two and a half hours long and it felt like only a hour. There was only 15 percent of dialogue but that didn't bother me. I sang and cried at the same time and I had chills running down my spine.

4. The Sound of Music: This is a milestone in cinema and a very catchy flick and happy 50th anniversary! But, I love this movie to pieces.

3. Mary Poppins: Childhood magic, if I'm in the worst mood ever I can just put this on and I'll be instantly happy, and man the songs are catchy.

2. Sweeney Todd: So, Tim Button and Johnny Depp made a musical and it was gold. Probably one of my all time favorites and it only feels like thirty minutes.

1. Wizard of Oz: What did you expect seriously. Again a milestone that sings. Also it's a mood changer.


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