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When I was 5, I used to live on a house. 5 Crapo Street, Taunton. At first I noticed lots of noises down in the basement, from up in my room. After I begged my mom to get a dog and protect us, we got one. His name was Morpheus.After a few years, I heard a long cry from the basement, and then whimpering sounds. I looked down, to see Morpheus, my German Shepard, Laying down beside my bed, crying. I asked him what's wrong. He whimpered and he jumped up onto my bed. My mom came up and asked me, "Why did you scream?" And I responded, "It wasnt me!"

She walked out, and took care of my baby brother, Alec. I walked to my mother, and brought Morpheus with me. My baby brother asked my mother, "Can I ask you a question?" And my mother said ''Yes?" I looked at my brother. "Mommy," He said. "Do you want to die?" He asked, my mom shocked. Alec blinked, and opened his eyes to show Pure black, As if he were being possessed. I left my family and went into the basement,

And I called a priest. After a year, they found out some info. I asked them,"What did you get?" And he responded, "Back in the day, they used to place murdered dead bodies in the beer bottle places. ( There was 2 wide spaces on the left and right sides of the stairs )

I gasped, shocked, and then the priest asked, "Do you want to die, cadence?"


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