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Scott Lobdell and Jeff King have changed the landscape of this epic crossover event in the last two weeks, but the question is have they made it better to save this overall set? Well, that's a question that will have to be posed next week when it all comes to an end and we discover what the actual purpose of the saga ever was. Will it actually have consequences for the DC universe and the new 52 or will this just be another event that failed to deliver in the end? One thing that is certain is that by adding another writer to the fold, they have made the story far more interesting that what was seen in month one of the set.

When this storyline began, we saw that it was more a continuation of the Earth 2 storyline that had gone on in Worlds End. That story was a mess and went on far to long with really nothing happening. This set, which began with the characters of Earth 2 again being seen as heroes tried to show that they would be the saviors of the universe.By week 4, the story had changed focus as the true villain of the saga took form and threatened to destroy everyone. This week, we discover that everyone's death was honestly his only goal. Why? Well, I can't say for certain. The comic does still have it's drama and mysteries as we still don't know the origin of Talos or how the events happening on this planet will effect the actual DC universe. The effect of the planet coming through the wormhole is done with tremendous effect with art by Mark Morales yet again. This issue also showed us the first instance in the actual crossover of heroes(and villains) from all the cities engaging in a battle, which was what the actual storyline was supposed to be about. Convergence #7 may not do enough to rectify the poor showing of prior issues, but it does have this fan excited going into next week's finale. Having a fast tempo, and exciting action, it's easy to forget how bad this event is (even if only for a second), with the climax being breathtaking. One plus of this issue is the character of Parallax, who reminds us of just how evil he truly was in the 90's, but yet he still believed that what he was doing was for the greater good. I give this issue a 6 out of 10 and am curious to see how it all ends next week.


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