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The critics choice awards are right around the corner and I can't wait to see who all is nominated. It's always shocking each year who takes home the awards on that show. It seems that the love story category hasn't got the audience that it should now a days. It's almost like people have forgot what truly makes a love story. They think a love story should be based off of sexual aspects but I disagree and so do the creators of these shows who show what a real love story is.

I think that the following on screen couples should be nominated for the category of : "Best On- Screen Love Story" , Francis and Mary from the C.W.'s Reign, Ronnie and Caitlyn from the C.W's The Flash, Oliver and Felicity from the C.W's Arrow, Damon and Elena from the C.W's The Vampire Diaries, Boothe and Brennan from Fox's Bones, and last but not least Maggie and Glenn from The Walking Dead. Each of the listed couples have very high fan following and there's tons of people wishing they had a love story like one of them.

All of the love stories mentioned are unique and amazing in their own rights, however we all know on an award show only one can win. I think that winner would be in my opinion Oliver and Felicity from Arrow. This couple has been given the nickname of Olicity from fans. In the first season of Arrow , we see the love start to kindle in Oliver's eyes for the I.T girl, Felicity working for his families company. The love story gets deeper as she starts working for him and his Arrow team of vigilantes. In season 3 we see this love story take full blossom and unfold in-front of our eyes. Usually you see in super hero shows that the man saves the woman but with Oliver and Felicity it is a bit different, Felicity is Oliver's back bone she saves him in a lot of ways through out the show, whether it be telling him where the villains are or rescuing him with the Palmer tech suit in the Finale of season 3. I follow a lot of social media and I see how the fans fan girl over the Olicity love story. If you ask me it is the most worthy of the critics choice award. It has everything that a love story should, romance, danger, and passion.


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