ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence: The Flash #2 is another tie-in to the overall saga of Convergence that serves more as a final episode of the series then a crossover. In actuality, very little of what happens in this issue has any impact at all on the overall saga.But yet, it still has some amazing memories in the landscape of the saga. In the last issue, we saw Barry Allen feeling sorry for himself and wishing to return home to his wife. At this point, he was more human then most of the people that were trapped under the dome. He was slower then a jogging woman, failed at solving cases and had lunch with a normal human being named Bruce Wayne. But, when the dome came down and his powers returned, he was presented with a challenge of defeating the Tangent version of Superman to ensure that the city of Metropolis was saved.

But, this was no normal battle as Superman had already known the outcome of it. He was well aware that if they fought, Barry Allen would lose. This cause such a problem for him because he also already knew the fate of Barry Allen and had no problems displaying his fate with Barry. So, the conundrum was forced of how they could fight when it was a given that both parties had to win. The comic is a quick read, which actually works in the books favor, and some incredible art was displayed to show the battle between the two heroes. But,by the end only one will stand victorious. The tie-ins to Convergence have tried to give us closure on the characters that we grew up with. They did succeed in many occasions with that, and this book was again one of those that it did work for. The closure for Barry Allen was knowing that he would not return to his wife, but instead would be forced to do the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. The closure for Superman is knowing that the fate of a city is not as important as the fate of the universe. So, is the life of one more important then the life of many? That was the question he needed to answer, and we got that answer in this issue. A good read and a good ending to this two-part story. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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