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We being getting a lot of big news from the low budget company that did hoodwinked & hoodwinked hood vs evil. which the sequel was a big failure at box office earning a half budget of $16.9 million bucks at the box office along with negative reviews from critics. but this time the company has aimed their eyes on two new animated films . but for now Kanbar has announced that they are planning to bring the popular children's book if you give a mouse a cookie into a CG computer animated film or at least a live action Hybrid CGI film .

They have also announced a big cast of brand new voice actors and that their films will not feature famous celebrities like dreamworks and pixar does in order to avoid negative criticism . another thing added to this film is that the story will be a little different from but not too much from the original book in order to give it more of an open world to explore in the movie.

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