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I hope we're all aware of the 1980's masterpiece, "Magnum PI". It's a cheesy thriller (maybe not) with a fantastic cast. To this day it's still heavily discussed online. We still don't know who Robin Master's really was. Most of the time, barring there wasn't a two parter, it was a case a week. Magnum would find the bad guy with the help of his friends Rick and TC, while being harassed by Higgins. The original cast had chemistry and a certain perfection playing those roles so it would be hard to find new people but I'm up for the challenge.

Why should we bring "Magnum PI" back, you may ask? It's obvious, we move it to now and make the guys Iraq veterans. Magnum can go back to solving weekly cases while Higgins manages him and the estate. Rick and TC can help with modern day technology though he should still drive the same Ferrari. There are so many great shows on but I think we're short of a mystery show. Every week, Magnum will meet someone who can't pay him but wants his help with a case. He'll be a lady's man as always but will have that one true love out there and maybe we won't kill her off this time.

Take a moment to soak up the nostalgia that'll make you long for another look at this show:

If done right, this show could have a whole new life for a new generation. I would hope Tom Selleck would pop back in as some sort of cameo along with Manetti and Mosely. I believe Hillerman may be too old at this point to jump in for anything. The writing was always good and it had so much humor. It was a show where things could be so dramatic but Rick's fear of bugs would make you laugh hysterically. It's been 35 years since "Magnum PI" premiered on TV and it's time for it to make another appearance.

Now to casting...

Thomas Magnum

Timothy Olyphant would be perfect. If you'd asked me a few years ago, like when he played the bad guy in "Live Free or Die Hard", I would've said, no. But, after watching him in "Justified", he strikes me as the perfect Magnum not to mention he could definitely pull off the mustache, if new Magnum needed that.


DB Woodside could capture the essence of TC. He is an actor who can do the dramatic but so easily throw in a witty retort as he demonstrated on "Suits". He shined in the 7th season of "Buffy" as a character who was serious and didn't play games (a classic TC move) but could also make Buffy and crew laugh. I'd bet on him any day.


Brent Morin! He basically already plays Rick on "Undateable". He plays a guy who thinks he's cool but isn't at all, who's funny and falls in love at the drop of a hat. I was sitting here thinking about it and he just hit me. He is the perfect Rick and I think he'd play well with the other gentleman I've mentioned already.


James Spader! Now, before you tell me he's not British, neither was John Hillerman. Hillerman was from Texas. This was the hardest character to recast as Higgy Baby was always my favorite. Spader basically auditioned for this role through his work on "The Blacklist". He enjoys taunting people (Higgin's and Magnum's whole relationship) and he tells random yet humorous stories. Now, on the old show, he usually got interrupted but we'd let Spader go on and on. Imagine him walking the grounds in that safari outfit!


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