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The finale episode gave us all kinds of feels. I won't lie, I started out sad & finished sad. I think the finale was excellently executed... but all the bloodshed was so sad.

The Vampire Diaries finale moments that wrenched our hearts:

5. The Gemini Coven

We all know that when Kai finally went the whole coven would go. But who knew how horribly bloody their deaths would be?! I was entirely a fan of Jos father, but to have him die at the hands of his crazy son- that pulled my heart strings. Then to have Liv insist Tyler be the reason she dies, was an emotional scene. (I had to hold back the tears!)

4. Bonnie & Matt find Kai's video:

We knew Kai coming back would mean terror for our friends. But watching Matt and Bonnie find out the spell he placed on Elena, was hard. Matt as the ex, good friend, and trusted ally and Bonnie as the trustworthy bestfriend who has spent years sacrificing herself for her friends... must have been heartwrenching to know that they could do nothing to help Elena.

3. Elena Saying Goodbye:

Throughout the episode, we see Elena saying goodbye to all her loved ones. I'm sure most people will say this was the most emotional part of the episode, but for me, this a necessary part when we knew Nina Dobrev was leaving. Every goodbye was hard to watch, especially with her mortal friends (Bonnie, Matt, Ric, Jeremy, & Tyler). But it was bittersweet. I loved that Elena wasn't killed off, and has the opportunity to come back.

2. Damon's Conflict:

For me, wathing Damon throughout this episode was hard. He loves Elena so much, and so deeply... making the decision to not kill Bonnie, who turned into his best friend, must have been the most difficult decision of his life. In the end, it showed how much he had grown... and it also shows, how far he will fall for The Vampire Diaries Season 7.

1. Jo's Death:

For me, this was the worst. Jo had become such a loved character. Kai ended her in such a horrible and violent way it broke my heart. And then to see Ric's reaction. Ric is an amazing and loved character, who gets screwed over and over again with women. Every women he has been romantically linked with, has died. It was hard to watch Jo and their twins die in Ric's arms.

I am ready for The Vampire Diaries Season 7!! I need to know what is going to happen!!!


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