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Ok I'm a pretty big fan of Guillermo del Toro, I love his new series that he has produced, The Strain, and I also love Kojima's work on the video game and desing world. I have also seen a few episodes of The Walking Dead and they are amazing, and with Noorman Redus as lead in it, in both the series and the game, why does it need to be shut down. I have played the walkthrough and it is beautifully designed and it scared me a lot. The most shocking things about it where the fetus, the way the mirror was desinged to not give away the identity of the caracter, the newsman on the radio describing the tragity, the message of the wall where you go back and forth betweeen the wall and the phone, the swinging and screaming from the hanging fridge, and also the clock which is very terrifying to watch and also to see that after a couple of times ou go in and out it changes to midninght. Also, the woman that comes out of the blue gave me the chills down by my spine and then the demonic voice that comes out of nowhere and then how everything just goes into an amazing display of speed, images moving and also on how that descripsion of what has lead to the plot of the families tragity and also their history. The phone call definetely made it worst and also it delivered a beautiful horrorrific feeling that made you just quit the playthrough and also not to go with it any longer. But it then causes that sense of curiousity to keep going and going untill you can finish it. Another thing that freaked me out was when you go to pass through the door, after you hear the voice in the home phone, is when you hear nothing but static on the radio, which catches you off guard and also it makes you scared, because you just expect only the sound of static. But then, when you go to the message on the wall, and a voice talks to you in a terrifying tone, BOOM!, a random midnight bell rigns. And since it was desinged by two amazing masterminds, they ad a psychopathic man's and a baby's laughter. Also you go to a window and you see the woman who attacked you shaking her head likes she's possesed and then she dissapears. Isn't it amazing or what? Ohh wait there's more, remember the crazy woman from the window, she is in the hallway, and she is still possesed so yes, she is shaking her head, but this time, she is laughing, and after a while she swooshes to you, but she still dissapears and leaves. After wars you hear those words, "I can hear them calling me from hell" and you rush to the phone and a voice says, "You have been choses". Afterwars, you go to the door, one last time, and they give you a bried description and it creeps you out comepletely, but then, you see the ending, and see the three most amazing names on your screen, and it fills you with and illusion. I would say the simple reasons why this must be made, but the playthrough and also this description from a fan whose hopes where soo high, they where torn down soo easily by five words, "It will not go foward". It was soo crushing to see those words all over the internet, along with many of my friends. Me and my friends wanted it to happen, even if Guillermo del Toro was going to produce it alone. I just wish this beautifull, yet horrifying, masterpice, would just go through. To me it is, by far, the most amazing and possibly it can be the most awarded horror game that can exist. If you read that sentence, no, I did not mean could, I meand that it can exist, no matter what, and I apologize in advance, idiotic person thinks that it must be cancelled. I hope that person is reading this and that they can have a second opinion about the most amazing production that has ever existed, Silent Hills.


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