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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be introducing some interesting characters. Everyone knows Spider-Man, but some, like Crossbones, may have viewers a bit curious about their origins. Here are some quick facts, stats, and feats about Cap's foe in Marvel's approaching [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

Name: Brock Rumlow

First Appearance: October 1989 (Captain America #359)

Power Basis: Skills and Equipment

Origin: Brock Rumlow started as a gang leader in New York city. After he accidentally killed the older brother of a girl he assaulted, he fled to the Taskmaster's school, where he soon became an instructor due to his high level of skill. After leaving as a mercenary, he came under the employ of communist Red Skull Albert Malik, and soon, Johann Schmidt, the original Red Skull. He was eventually cut loose for questioning the Skull's decisions, and returned to his work as a gun-for-hire.

Skills: Crossbones is an expert hand to hand combatant, marksman, pilot, and driver. He has access to an array of military grade (and better) weaponry that he acquires both on his own and through employers like the Red Skull. He possesses peak human strength and speed, as well as high agility, especially for someone as bulky as he is.

Fun Facts:

  • Crossbones led an aptly named crew of former henchmen known as the Skeleton Crew in a search for the missing Red Skull.
  • Crossbones endured a fair amount of harassment during his various imprisonments-partly due to his association with the Nazi Red Skull.
  • Crossbones had a short-lived ability to blast beams of energy from his face. He used it to kill a police officer, and was shortly thereafter defeated by Steve Rogers and detained.
Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War
Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War

No one knows how Crossbones will fit in to Captain America: Civil War just yet, but he's sure to be a significant force against Cap and his team. His true allegiances are yet to be revealed, but if his movie and comic history are somewhat similar, Hydra may not have collapsed quite as completely as Captain Rogers-and the rest of the Avengers- believe.


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