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This theory assumes you are up to date with Game of Thrones and will contain major spoilers if not

I got a pretty quick and simple fan theory of what is happening with Peter Baelish I haven't read the books, but since the show is deviating it doesn't really matter anymore if you have or have not. Which is a real good thing if you ask me no more do I have to worry about my friends dropping random spoilers in causal conversation. I no longer have to worry about people telling cryptic teasers like R + L = J although we still don't know about that one.

So the situation as is Baelish is owed a favor by the fiendish Boltons those Boltons people are messed up. Sansa being married to Ramsey Bolton was a sure fire way to put those rowdy northerners to heel. Their loyalty being unabating to the Starks, Baelish came through with a pretty big gift to the Boltons effectively putting them under his control as the one who guaranteed their place as rulers of the north. If the Boltons win in the Baratheon/Bolton war no big deal to Baelish he owns them!!!

Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

If Stannis Baratheon (the one and true king! Heretics burn in the fire. Ya I said it . Lady Melisandre I have kings blood I swear) wins Sansa becomes wardeness of the North and Baelish has control over Sansa so Baelish wins again. Now with control of the north with either side winning in the Baratheon/Bolton war that is heating up why does he go to the Kings landing and start manipulating Cersei Lannister like a 2 year old in a shopping line??? He gets a mandate to bring the head of Sansa Stark, Rouse Bolton, Stannis Baratheon and any traitor associated with them with the knights of the vale ?? He claims to let the sides fight and he will just clean up the mess.

Now that is warrior talk and we all know Baelish is a business man not a warrior. Even Cersei called bullshit, but bought it anyway. Well not me. What Baelish will do in my opinion is wait out the winner of the Barathoen/Bolton war (we all know it will be Stannis just too much look he actually a good guy this season) and present his royal decree to the winner. They will read it see that the Lannisters are trying to have their heads on pike ( either Rouse or Stannis) enraging them so that they ride with Baelish down to kinds landing and take over. How is that for a vision from the fire?? Did we all forget Melisandre almost guaranteed that Stannis will sit on the Iron Throne ?(she didn't say how long)

Here is the things Cersei and the kings landing Lannisters are extremely weak and exposed right now .

  • Their uncle and leader of the Lannister army went back to Casterly rock pretty ticked off by how dumb his niece is
  • The Greyjoys are still in open rebellion
  • Tyrells are actively getting screwed over by Cersei and her faith militant
  • Boltons will be pissed that Cersei is trying to kill them
  • Stannis will be pissed that Cersei is trying to kill them
  • Dorne is not happy that Cersei is trying to renege on a marriage deal. They wont help her now that Jamie is their prisioner

There is basically no one left to defend Cersei and kings landing if Baelish just marches on down there.

When will this happen?? Well I have no clue as with Game of Thrones could be next episode or they could be saving it for the finale which they probably are as it would provide a good shocker or two.


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