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Logan Williams a 12 year old actor. You may or may not have heard of him, but soon you will. He may look like your average kid but he's not. Logan has starred in a few films and has just starred as Young Barry Allen in The Flash! He booked his very first audition in the role of Jack Spehn in the Hallmark Movie "Color of Rain". Shortly after he booked a few more.

The Flash

Logan has recently starred as Young Barry Allen in the CW's Hit TV Show "The Flash". From my point of view, he did AMAZING. He did everything perfectly, for a kid he was able to create and portray the Drama and Sorrow his character had. And that is why I think I personally think he has BIG potential. All I can say is, this kid has a bright future ahead of him!

Famous Actors

Logan has also starred alongside other famous actors. Like Grant Gustin, Jesse L Martin and even the original Flash John Wesley Shipp! Grant Gustin even stated: "Go Follow Logan Williams who plays our young Barry! He is a great actor and I wouldn't have even been able to do what he did at his age."


Aside from acting Logan just like every other kid still has school and I just found out is a serious soccer player. From what I read he also started playing the guitar. And from my experiences getting to know Logan, talking to him and even becoming friends with him, he is an AWESOME dude and is really nice.


I know Logan will have a really bright future ahead of him, he is a great actor, a great soccer player and a great friend. I look forward to seeing him in more projects.


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