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Time travel has always been one topic in which I have a fascination with. It is the single most interesting topic in movies, television and books. But time travel needs to be done right. But no matter how well it is done, there will always be paradoxes that arise and futures to be ruined.

The CW's The Flash has been an incredible series to watch right from the pilot with the crossover with Arrow, to the last episode with the possibility of alternate timelines. After watching the Season Finale, there are ten things that you should know.


10. Tom Cavanagh will have a recurring role going into season 2.

What this means is that Harrison Wells will return. Eobard Thawne was erased from existence through the sacrifice of Eddie. However, this means that all the people that were killed in direct consequence to Thawne baddie, will be undone, just as the Captain's injuries where he was paralyzed, when Barry went back in time one day, the injuries never happened from The Flash out of Time.

9. Eddie will be back.

The one thing that is safe to say, is that in any super-hero movie or television show, just because you die, does not mean you're dead. Especially true with time travel shows and movies. I mean the best example is White Canary, being brought back (Resurrected) for CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

8. Iris marries Barry, eventually...

Yep. By 2024, Iris will marry Barry.

7. The Flash goes missing on April 25th, 2024

The Headline of the Newspaper is "Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis. So this could mean a few things. One, obviously, the Flash will vanish, but why? It's possible that the Flash from the future vanishes to go back in time to save himself from The Reverse Flash, however, now that the reverse flash is non-existent, why does he vanish? It could also be a different crisis, and being a time travel themed TV show, it could well be.

6. Wayne Tech and Queen Inc Merge.

Also in the same newspaper, the headline reads this.

5. Red Skies Vanish.

When the skies turn red, in the DC comics, it means there's a tie-in crossover. However, in the comics, it means very little. In fact, the skies turn red and clear up, and the people go on with their lives. This however could mean that by the timeline of this story, by 2024, the Red Skies will vanish and something about the future will change how the crossovers occur. 2024 is still a very important date, and it's very curious to know that the red skies vanish the same time that the Flash disappears....

4. Cisco is a Meta-Human

His powers are still unknown, however it has to do with his ability to see both parallel universe realities. As Eobard Thawne took a lot of interest in his abilities. In the comics, Francisco Ramon is called VIBE, a metahuman who fights to capture bad guys.

3. Jay Garrick is coming... And Killer Frost....

The Flash on Earth-2 is coming to well, Earth-1. That's whose helmet came crashing into our world. This means any villain from earth-2 could follow in season 2. When Barry was in the wormhole, there were flashes of people in the foreground, one such individual was Killer Frost. So it's possible that by opening the wormhole, he has allowed other characters in.

2. Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow

All three shows will be happening. It looks like what MARVEL has been doing on the big screen, DC's going the other route with the small screen. This is huge and has a ton of potential!

1. Movie/TV crossovers a plenty. Possible.

With the idea of an Earth-Two, and alternate timelines and alternate universes, who says that DC can't combine their TV and Movie properties to have constant crossovers. It doesn't even matter to continuity who plays the characters because each universe could have different people represent the different characters. This is the most exciting part of this whole thing. The possibilities are truly endless and if DC plays it's cards right, could potentially dethrone Marvel.

ADDITIONALLY, a lot of people have been saying : if Eobard Thawne is dead, how can Barry still be The Flash? The answer is simple. In the beginning of the episode when Eobard comes to our world, he tells the real Harrison Wells that in 2024 he will create a super conductor, but Eobard needed it to be built faster. So in essence, Barry would still have become The Flash, just, in 2024. Which means, now I think about it, that the crisis the Flash vanishes into could be the same timeline as our's expect in 2024. This means The wormhole swallows up Barry, and disappears during that crisis.


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