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Comic Books are beginning to take over pop culture. Almost every month we are greeted by a new incarnation of a comic book film on the big screen, and every week on our television.

These shows span from the superhero genre like Arrow, to zombie tales like IZombie.

Comic book's have been getting so much attention on television and movies, but never seem to be given any recognition at the award shows. You would think these shows would be in the ranks of some of the best drama's on TV.

Well if the committee does not find them worthy of being drama's, then maybe they deserve to have a award all their own.

So I have decided to give comic books their own award class, and honor the Best Actor in a Comic Book TV Series.

The Nominees Are:

Charlie Cox: Daredevil

Grant Gustin: The Flash

Andrew Lincoln: The Walking Dead

Stephen Amell: Arrow

Ben McKenzie: Gotham

Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox

Charlie Cox recently portrayed Matt Murdock on the hit Netflix show Daredevil. He did a great job at playing the stoic and wise Murdock, and then transforming into the threatening Daredevil.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen in The Flash. He made awkward look cool, and was able to show off his comedic and drama chops in the series.

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln plays Rick Grimes on the hit series The Walking Dead. As always he is electrifying, as well as terrifying in his portrayal of the zombie killer.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell portrays Oliver Queen on The CW show Arrow. Amell is great at playing a brooding hero. Amell has been criticized for his acting, but he does a good job for the character he is asked to portray. In the flashback on the show he is shown portraying a more lighthearted Oliver, and showing off his range. He is more than a brooding ball of muscle.

Ben McKenzie
Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie plays the famous officer Jim Gordon in Gotham. While the show has had it's criticisms, McKenzie did a great job at putting Gordon and his almost annoying sense of morality on the small screen, while also showing his dark side.

And the Winner Is....

Grant Gustin: The Flash

At the end of the day I picked the actor who I truly believed did the best job at not only portraying their character, but showed the most acting talent.

In the end, I personally believe all five of the nominees are amazing actors. Grant Gustin though, took it to another level. He personified what made Barry Allen, and The Flash such favorites in the comic books.

From the first episode to the last, he took us on a roller coaster ride of emotion. From making us laugh to cry. He easily played the awkward nerd, but was able to stop on a dime into a confident hero.

The last episode of the season though, is what cemented Gustin in my mind as the best actor for the comic book genre. The tear jerking scenes from the season finale were so greatly performed from start to finish.

As I said above, all five of these actors did amazing job this season of becoming their characters and taking the audience on an entertaining ride. But none of them kept me coming back for more, as well as gave me that moment where I said to myself; "they are an amazing actor," like Grant Gustin.

He has a bright future ahead of him, and I cannot wait to see what he does with The Flash as well as the rest of his career.

What do you guys think? Should comic books or superheroes have their own class at award shows? Who would you have picked as the best comic book actor this year? Tell me what you think in the comics, and thank you for reading.


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