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Anant Arun

Last to last night, CW aired the finale episode of The Flash's first season. How many times is about 9 PM on Tuesday going to roll around, only to hear us say, "That was the best episode yet."

The Flash finale was gut-wrenching with emotional moments but equally mind bending when it comes to the plot. Time travel can be a danger thought to delve into when you really try to think about it. Let's just and hash out some of those paradoxes you keep running into and see if Flash is going to run into the same ones.

The Flash finale wasn't all confusion. It was packed with Easter Eggs, especially during Barry's journey through the Speed Force.

To highlight a few things Barry saw when traveling above the Mach 2 speed, we should mention the vision of himself handcuffed on the wrong side of a prison phone call, the Flash Museum, the Legends of Tomorrow, and Caitlin as super villain Killer Frost.

Barry in prison is the most eyebrow raising scene of all. How does Barry end up in prison? Is that the future or an alternate universe? The Flash Museum got everybody excited. We'll be seeing more than one Flash, that's for sure. On top of that, Jay Garrick's helmet came through the wormhole and alerted Eobard that it is time to get the heck out of there. That makes me wonder if Eobard has tried to kill other Flash's or if he knows a catastrophe could be following when different universes collide.


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