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Every Disney animated film we have watched has ended on a perfectly happy note, in which our lead protagonist falls in love, becomes a princess, and lives happily ever after.

Yeah, right.

Real life isn't like that. I have to say, growing up with that mentality can be incredibly deceiving. Therefore, as painful and heartbreaking as a majority of these following images are, they depict a more realistic world, warning us about the dangers that lay ahead.

Can't Let It Go

If we keep denying the fact that global warming is a crucial issue, what will be left of our beautiful glaciers and the wildlife that roams the land and inhabits these freezing seas?

Homeless Ohana

Sadly, the amount of homeless people I pass regularly on the street is too much.

Robin Hood, The Peaceful Protester

It's criminal how terrible the police treat peaceful protesters who are trying to change the world for the better.

Deforestation Is Poo

More and more species are forced to evacuate their homes and attempt to relocate. Let's stop unnecessary deforestation before these incredible animals become extinct.

The Belle Who Thinks She's a Beast

With the constant pressure to look young, skinny, and wrinkle-less, it's no wonder many have become so focused on their looks. When will we realize how beautiful we are naturally?

A Mere Lab Rat

With so much talent and expertise in the kitchen, it is depressing that Ratatouille is reduced to a lab rat. Part of the reason I became vegan is because I genuinely feel we aren't so different from an elephant or even an insect.

Puppy Pound

There are too many dogs crowding up local shelters and pounds, and a majority are put to sleep before they have the chance to adopt. Be smart with your animals, people! Neuter and spay! Adopt, don't shop!

A Tamed Tarzan

From tree surfing to subway riding, Tarzan is forced to fit into a world he does not belong. Why not preserve our more native inhabitants' cultures?

No Means No

Rape is unfortunately an incredibly common occurrence. It baffles my mind and hurts me to think of the pain, shame, and suffering rape victims experience.

We have a beautiful and precious world, filled with stunning and awe-inspiring creatures, including us!

Let's preserve Earth. Let's love it. Let's treat it with care. As well as respect our fellow inhabitants that walk and swim with us.

With Cinderella, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and the rest of these Disney characters on our side, anything is possible to make a terrible reality a beautiful one.

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