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In 2011, Sonic was brought back into the limelight with Sonic Generations. The game allowed fans of the Blue Blur to remember the past twenty years in the Franchise by bringing Modern Sonic (1999-Present) and Classic Sonic (1991-1999) together in one game. The game was a smash hit and after three years, I got to ask; Where is Sonic Gen 2? So, Here is what I would like to see in a sequel to Sonic Generations

The Title:

Sonic Generation 2 should known as Sonic Generations Dimensions. Why? Well, say that at the end of G1, The Time Monster both Sonics defeated did more damage than they thought and The Most Evil version of Eggman was released: Dr. Robotnik of satAM (Dic's Sonic the Hedgehog saturday morning cartoon). Dimension deals with the rift in space rather than time. The New team of Sonics will be different but still fast.

The Story

As I said, the story will deal with Sonic of the Modern Video Games facing SATam's Dr. Robotnik and Snively. Most of the story should be adapted for The Sonic Comic Book storyline :ENDGAME. Sonic will gather two new versions of himself: SATam Sonic voiced by Jaleel White and Sonic Boom Sonic. SATam is more of the explorer type, Boom is more attack-focused, Modern Sonic is pure speed and adding Sonic OVA or Underground Sonic could replace CLASSIC Sonic's role from G1.


One of the Possibilities is that we get characters from Comics and TV Series to FINALLY be introduced into the games. Sally, Bonnie Rabbot, Antoine, Rotor, Snively, Chris, Nagus could finally added to the Sonic game family. It would also be the return of Jim Cummings as Robotnik and Jaleel White as Sonic

Another is finally adding closure to the SATam series since the series ended with Robotnik being transported away and Snively taking over with an unseen ally. With Robotnik hooking up with his other forms, he will be out for blood and going after every and anyone who gets in his way.

Each Sonic would be fast but each has a special unique playing style:

Modern Sonic will be the same fast running action as Gen 1 with side steps, speed boost, and homing attack

SATam Sonic is more of ia trick/style format much like the series Devil May Cry minus the guns (We are not redoing Shadow the Hedgehog) The game area would be full launch, super power rings, and secret areas to create devastating speed attacks

Boom is the least popular but the energy cable idea is pretty dope. Using the energy beam to pull off tag team attacks , gain access to unreachable areas and utilize as a weapon like a Bo staff.

Ok, Let's Get Real...

Now, this all may sound good and has potential but there's a slight problem: Most of these series and story lines are American /Canadian. Sonic is primarily a Japan-base character. Unless the writers at Sonic Team and Sega are willing to watch a lot of different interpretations of their mascot, I doubt this will happen

Also with Sega's restructuring and refocusing, it might be a problem releasing a game this massive.


Would you like a Sonic Generation 2? What would put in a Sonic Game? Talk about it in the Comments


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