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For a lot of us, the first time we opened the cover of our first Harry Potter book, our lives changed for the better.

This immersive universe is home to a plethora of multidimensional characters that have so much to teach us about friendship, determination and following that path that is right for you, and these lessons stick with us into adulthood.

I have scoured the internet to find the reasons that real Potterheads say that the books have changed their lives, and below are the answers that moved me to the core:

10. "The essence of love, friendship and magic in Harry Potter captures your heart and never lets go." - Jocelynn Ashford

The sense of camaraderie and love that flows through the Harry Potter novels has the power to capture hearts far into adulthood.

9. "When I was in elementary school I was extremely dyslexic. The Harry Potter books made me want to read when everything was jumbled and confusing. I reread some sentences four or five times trying to understand them, but it was worth it because Harry and his stories gave me strength and made me want to try harder to be able to read." - Tori Maxim

It's impossible to over-exaggerate what Harry Potter has done for people with dyslexia or other learning difficulties when it comes to promoting reading. I used to work in a high school as a reading comprehension teacher and I've seen first hand how the immersive world of Hogwarts compels children to learn to love reading, no matter how difficult it is for them.

8. I first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at age 11 while my parents were going through a divorce. It was a very rough time. Harry Potter was both an escape and a way to hang onto some semblance of childhood at a moment when I felt it was being taken away from me. - Mark Mulligan

The rich detail of Hogwarts has provided many young people a comforting place to retreat to in troubled times.

7. "Harry introduced me to some of the best friends I've ever had. My first week at college was tough - I've always been a bit shy and I was super lonely without my family and friends. But I met a fellow Potter fan in the lounge of my dorm - she was wearing a quidditch jersey and looking up the Sorcerer's Stone movie trailer. We've been friends ever since and meeting her brought me out of my shell enough to make lots of other great friends at school." - Amanda Sample

There is no denying that the Harry Potter fandom is one of the most supportive I have ever came across. No matter what articles we write on the Potterverse at Moviepilot, we always get the most intelligent and constructive dialogues from all of the Potterheads. You the best, guys!

6. "I read Harry Potter during a bout of long-term unemployment, which tends to drag a person down. Harry Potter cheered me up and gave me something to look forward to."- Mabel

While Harry Potter is marketed at a kids book, it has also helped numerous adults through tough times. Whether they are first time readers of the series, or revisiting their childhood Hogwarts home, there is huge comfort in this magical universe.

5. "Harry Potter encouraged me to follow my dream and write. I've wanted to write since I was 6 but Harry Potter or rather JK told me that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it, which is a great comfort." - Anon, Southern Australia

The inspiration story of J.K. Rowling penning Harry Potter in a cafe as a single mother has inspired many people to follow their dreams of writing their own novels. Rowling faced rejection after rejection before Potter was published, but she stayed confident within herself and that's a lesson we should all take on board.

4. "I always felt alone until I read Harry Potter, because I was ignored, teased, and bullied all the time. But when I read Harry Potter, it all went away. I was able to go through school with my head held high and able to tolerate this, because Harry Potter made me happy when I read even a few pages, no matter what happened to me." - Chiara

The characters in Harry Potter are so relatable because they too go through the trial and tribulations of high school, but with the added wonder of magic. By going through the tempestuous journey through adolescence with Harry and co, so many people have been able to find their own place in the world.

3. "Harry Potter taught me more than the importance of love and goodness, I learned the value of friendship and moreover how to be myself. No matter if I'm a clumsy forgetful person, a know-it-all, a jealous but loyal friend, or an abstract thinker, so long as I'm myself I could make friends." - W├Ąter

One thing that people take away from Harry Potter time and time again is that being yourself, no matter who you are, will greatly improve your life. From Luna Lovegood who is content to live in a dreamworld and wear her heart on her sleeve to Ron Weasley who isn't ashamed that his family cannot afford much, the Harry Potter alumni are always true to themselves.

2. "Harry Potter taught me that greed would not allow a person to last for a very long time or obtain true happiness, especially the greed for power." - Anon, Singapore

J.K. Rowling once said that she valued the virtue of courage above all others and this shines through in her writing. Harry Potter teaches people that thirst for power is not enough to make anyone happy, even if they achieve their goals.

1. "Harry Potter sends a message to stand for what you believe in, and if you don't like something, change it" - Emily

Probably the most important thing that Harry Potter can teach every single one of us is that it's important to constantly strive to make positive change in your life. Only you have the power to change how you live and while this is a great responsibility, it is also incredibly liberating when you begin to make small changes that accumulate into bigger ones.

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