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Everyone knows that a celebrity status comes with a lot of privilege, and it seems like many famous people see that privilege as some form of immunity. Money, power, and attention often converge on some overblown egos, which lead certain entertainers to disastrously thinking that they are above the law.

This thinking often manifests in the embarrassing line "Don't you know who I am?" By now, these public figures should know that if the Juggernaut can't even get away with a remark like that, then no real person will ever be able to either.

Here are 17 celebrities who have done their darndest to make us forget about their criminal records to no avail.

1. Reese Witherspoon - Disorderly conduct (for disobeying a police officer)

2. Sean Penn - Assault, felony domestic abuse, and battery

3. Hugh Grant - Public oral sex with a prostitute

4. Matthew Broderick - Careless driving (original charge was causing death by dangerous driving)

5. Keanu Reeves - DUI

6. Bill Gates - Speeding and driving without a license

7. Mark Wahlberg - Assault (originally attempted murder)

7. Danny Trejo - Drugs, murder, and robbery

8. Natasha Lyonne - DUI, harassment, and trespassing

9. Vince Vaughn - Public fighting

10. Joshua Jackson - Public fighting and being intoxicated and disruptive (originally charged with assault)

10. Kiefer Sutherland - DUI

12. Matthew McConaughey - Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia

13. Will Smith - Aggravated assault

14. Nina Dobrev - Disorderly conduct (flashing drivers)

15. Haley Joel Osment - DUI and marijuana possession

16. Daryl Hannah - Environmental protests

17. Terrence Howard - Domestic abuse, assault, and disorderly conduct


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