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No fucks given legend Bill Murray showed us all what too many shots looks like last night when he fought a chair and lost, live on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, and we love him even more for it.

The comedy great had appeared on David Letterman's final show earlier in the evening and the excitement of jumping (read falling) out of a giant cake coupled with copious amounts of booze made him assume his ultimate form - drunk uncle deluxe.

While Bill Murray was unfortunate enough to pull this stunt on live TV, we can all admit to pulling the grade a grimace in the GIF below at some point:

If you want some bonus slurring and shuffling action, check out the (slightly) longer video below:

Of course, a huge part of Bill Murray's mythology as the most fun-loving dude in Hollywood is thanks to his zealous love for imbibing the sweet nectar, and below are some of the best muddled Murray moments of all time:

4. Karaoke King

When a group of friends dropped into Karaoke One 7 in New York, they ended up with more than they bargained for when the spotted Murray and invited him into their booth.

Although they initially didn't expect him to follow the offer up, Murray knocked on the door about an hour later and spent four hours with his new found friends blasting out the tunes, and they got photos to prove it.

3. Bartending Bill

Bill Murray can tend a bar as well as he can drink one...if you want tequila that is!

2. The Patron Saint of Students

In 2006, art imitated life when the Lost in Translation star met a young blond in a foreign country and went to a party with her.

After attending a golfing event at St. Andrews, Murray met 22-year-old Norwegian student Lykke Stavnef on the street and accepted an invitation to go to their house party.

Once there, Murray was content to swig vodka from a coffee cup in true student style and he even did the dishes before he left. What a legend.

1. Drunk (Agony) Uncle Bill

Last year, Bill Murray gatecrashed a bachelor party in Charleston and gave some sage relationship advice to everyone but the groom-to-be!

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