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The Avengers: Age of Ultron's massive opening in China certainly proved the New York-based superhero group has global appeal.

In fact, the film had the second biggest opening in China ever, just behind Furious 7, which also released earlier this year. It seems Avengers-fever has so gripped China, someone has created some alternative character posters which show what the gang might have looked like if they were Chinese. Check them out below:

Nick Fury

Captain America

Iron Man

Scarlet Witch

Black Widow





So what do you think of the Chinese Avengers? Well, if you're a big fan there's a chance you might see something like this in the future.

Avengers: Age of Ultron made $156.3 million in its first 6 days in China (updated figures are not yet available), which is not a figure Marvel is likely to ignore. Indeed, the Avengers sequel made $380 million domestically, and by the end of its run in China, it's likely there will not be too much difference between these figures.

With the film making more money in China, Marvel will no doubt be looking to make films in collaboration with Chinese studios - as they did with Iron Man 3. It is only as a co-production that foreign movies can side-step Chinese restrictions on importing foreign movies AND, importantly, take a bigger cut of ticket sales.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. In order to qualify as co-production, foreign movies must abide by strict Chinese censorship rules. These include scenes set in China, a certain ratio of foreign to Chinese actors and actresses and storylines which do not breach Chinese rules. Disallowed themes and topics often include the overthrowing of authority, homosexuality and anything seen as offensive to Chinese sensibilities.

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