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Any review for the Elder Scrolls Online from just over a year ago will already inform of you of the fact that this isn't the Skyrim Online we had hoped for. ZeniMax Studios couldn't live up to standards that Bethesda have established in one of the greatest RPG series of all time. They were gifted a vibrant and dynamic world for ESO and unfortunately couldn't release a truly great online RPG on its April 4th release date in 2014.

However, that being said, Elder Scrolls Online has undergone some pretty radical alterations over the course of a year. In comparison with the likes of Destiny, ZeniMax have achieved far more than Bungie and Activision in the sphere of player satisfaction. They listened to a lot of grievances that we had and thankfully a number of things have been changed for the better in ESO.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

We've seen drastic alterations to the in-game purchasing model, we've seen changes to the initially awful leveling system, the combat animations have been completely upgraded and thankfully all subscription fees are disappearing for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. ESO is a very different MMO to the one we originally received and those that will be joining the fight on its impending console release date will be in for a treat. But what should you expect?

Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One & PS4: What to Expect

One aspect of Elder Scrolls Online's move to consoles that we won't be able to predict is the community that will form around the game. Elder Scrolls Online has a decent following on PC, and hopefully the world will become highly populated on both Xbox One and PS4. But whether that community is going to invest a great deal of time into the game remains to be seen.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

We could see a massive drop off in ESO after a month, which would really affect the worth of its initial cost. This game is really nothing without a community living within it. But if you hop into this game for the first time in the initial few weeks after its release date, you're in for a treat. Elder Scrolls Online is bound to be bursting with players, all eager to roam the lands and level up their character for hours on end. It'll be worth it to see these opening moments.

However, if you're looking for a long-term investment in Elder Scrolls Online, it can't really be guaranteed that many players will stick around. Though the main reason that the game received such an enormous drop in players on PC was due to the absurd subscription fees. Without these, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of ESO should enjoy a much longer life.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

Players may also be dissuaded by the fact that a lot of PC players may import their characters over to the console edition. You'll hear some Elder Scrolls Online players telling horror stories of the gangs that will hunt you down and destroy you at the beginning - ignore them. Don't let that put you off from trying this fantastic game. There will of course be some PC players that will import a seriously powerful character, but it shouldn't impact on your decision to play ESO in any meaningful way.

Elder Scrolls Online is actually a great MMO and the community that I've interacted with has always been engaging, friendly and a lot of fun. The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that is seriously worth trying on the XBOX One and PS4. I can't wait to start a new character on the console editions and I hope to see a whole lot of new players out there on its release date! See you in the Summerset Isles.


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