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It's hard to believe but it's been 10 years since Amanda Bynes donned a wig, stuck a tampon up her nose, and pretended to be her brother in order to play soccer in the hilarious comedy She's the Man.

She's the Man had it all: a fantastic cast, a slightly-unbelievable-but-fun storyline, and endlessly quotable moments, take a look back at the trailer if you need a refresher:

But with so much time passing, the young cast (which included a then up-and-coming Channing Tatum!) has surely changed a lot, so take a peek and see what the cast of She's the Man looks like now:

Viola a.k.a. Amanda Bynes

What she's been in since: What I like About You, Rugrats, Hairspray, Sydney White, Family Guy, Living Proof, Canned and Easy A

Best quote from the film:


Duke a.k.a. Channing Tatum

What he's been in since: Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dear John, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, This is the End, The LEGO Movie, Foxcatcher, 22 Jump Street, Jupiter Ascending, Magic Mike XXL, [Hail, Caesar!](tag:1199743)and is scheduled to appear in the upcoming films 23 Jump Street and Gambit.

Best quote from the film:

"So... do you like cheese?"

Olivia a.k.a. Laura Ramsey

What she's been in since: Whatever Lola Wants, Shrink, Middle Men, Kill the Irishman, Where the Road Meets the Sun, Hirokin: The Last Samurai, Awful Nice, Pulling Strings and Hindsight.

Best quote from the film:

Olivia: Oh. You were the one he dumped at the pizza parlor the other day.
Monique: Nonononononono, he did not dump me. We're just going through a little bit of a rough patch.
Olivia: Oh? I heard he dumped you. He dumped you big. It was just like a big, huge dumping.

James Kirk a.k.a. Sebastian

What he's been in since: The Seamstress, Frankie & Alice, Supernatural, Motive, Signed, Sealed Delivered, Reluctant Witness, LoliRock and Love on the Sidelines.

Best quote from the film:

Sebastian: Folks, I'm a boy. I promise.
Malcolm: Prove it.
Sebastian: Okay *pulls down his soccer shorts*

Eunice a.k.a. Emily Perkins

What she's been in since: Juno, Aliens in American, Blood: A Butcher's Tale, Hiccups, Supernatural, When Calls the Heart, Repeaters and Extraterrestrials.

Best quote from the film:

"I'm gonna be the best lab partner you ever had."

Monique a.k.a. Alexandra Breckenridge

What she's been in since: The Art of Travel, Dirt, The Bridge to Nowhere, The Ex List, Life Unexpected, True Blood, Ticket Out, Save Me, American Horror Story, Other People's Children, Family Guy, Dark, The Walking Deadand the upcoming Broken Vows.

Best quote from the film:

"Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours."

Source: IMDB


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