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For years, the Australian electronic artist Pogo has been sampling everything from Harry Potter to Fresh Prince of Bel Air and treating our ears with some entrancing tunes. Some of his most standout work stems from our favorite animation studio, Disney.

If you want to hear some seriously relaxing sounds that will take you back to your childhood, press play, plug in, and zone out to Pogo's most recent track titled "Forget" below:

Can you name all of the Disney and Pixar movies featured in the song?

If you liked that, there's plenty of other Disney-themed electronic music to binge on. Here are a few more of Pogo's hypnotic tracks to help you keep your cool as the week comes to a close.


If you want to feel like you've really fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a different world, this song captures the sensation. At least, I imagine it does.


Who would have guessed Snow White and the dwarves would sound so good in an electronic remix?


With gorgeous voices like these, I can see why all of the princes fell for the women of Disney.

"The Trouble"

Flying to Neverland and Wonderland has never been easier. Just follow the melody of this song and let it transport you to somewhere magical.

To hear more of Pogo's fantastic pop culture-filled songs that include Spongebob, Pulp Fiction, and Lord of the Rings, check out his YouTube and Soundcloud pages.


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