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Known as the Butcher of Rostov or the Rostov Ripper, Andrei Chikatilo was a serial killer who murdered 53 people from 1978 to 1990. Unlike most serial killers who usually target a certain type of person, Chikatilo wasn't picky about his victims, which included women, and young girls and boys.

His story even inspired the film Citizen X with Stephen Rhea and Donald Sutherland, which follows a policeman, as gruesome murder after gruesome murder is committed under his nose.

You won't believe how gruesome and horrific his killings were. Worse than any nightmare you can possibly conceive of. The main question is, how does such a malicious monster come to be?


Chikatilo as a baby and his parents
Chikatilo as a baby and his parents

Chikatilo was born during Stalin's rule. Instead of being paid proper wages, Chikatilo's parents were given a mere plot of land to farm. Famine was a constant in Chikatilo's life. It is rumored that his older brother Stephen was even killed and eaten by ravenous neighbors. I sincerely hope this was just a sick joke his mother would make.

Although Chikatilo was constantly berated by his mother Anna, his father named Roman was very kind and gentle.

What Was a Bright Future Turned Desolate

Although intelligent and incredibly eager, Chikatilo wasn't accepted to any university. He supported himself by going from job to job, but was never able to settle. This is mainly because he was found to sexually molest his students, and would be asked to leave.

He also married, but had a difficult relationship due to the fact that he was impotent. Who knew that such a book smart young man would turn into such a monstrous murderer?

His First Victim

After purchasing another house in secret, Chikatilo preyed upon a nine-year-old girl named Yelena Zakotnova at the ice rink. Once he was able to persuade her to enter his house, he chocked her, stabbed her three times, and finally was only able to sexually assault her once she was dead.

He threw her body away near a river after he performed his heinous act. Her body was discovered two days later.

Although Chikatilo was suspected of the murder, a man named Aleksandr Kravchenko was ultimately found guilty, despite having an airtight alibi. He was later executed for a murder he never committed.

More Killings

This torturous man's victims include:

  • Larisa Tkachenko: 17-year-old girl, lured into the forest by Chikatilo, who tore off her clothes, stuffed dirt into her mouth to stifle her screams, and mutilated her body with a stick and his teeth.
  • Lyubov Biryuk: 13-year-old girl, dragged into nearby bushes, tore off her dress, and stabbed her to death.
  • More victims between the ages of nine and nineteen.
  • Olga Stalmachenok: 10-year-old girl, stabbed in a corn field 50 times around the head and body, then left with a ripped open chest, uterus, and lower bowels.
  • Laura Sarkisyan: 15-year-old girl, murdered near a railway platform.
  • Tatyana Petrosyan and her 10-year-old daughter Svetlana.

I'm sad to say the list becomes much more extensive and macabre than this.

In general, Chikatilo targeted the homeless or prostitute women, and murdered then sexually molested young children of both sexes. He was only able to achieved full orgasm when his victim was stabbed to death. Does anybody else feel slightly sick to their stomach?

Final Murder and Arrest

After murdering a 22-year-old woman named Svetlana Korostik, a police officer noticed Chikatilo's strange behavior. He saw him suspiciously wash his hands and face in a nearby well while wearing very formal clothing, and noticed a red smear on his cheek. The policeman took down his name when he stopped him, but let him go as he had no reason not to.

When Korostik's body was later found, the policemen knew they had found the killer. They found him near a cafe attempting to chat with young children. After they arrested him, they found a knife and rope in his possession.

Confession and Finally, Execution

Chikalito finally confessed to all the murders. He led police to the bodies of some victims the police hadn't even connected to Chikatilo yet.

A psychiatric evaluation deemed him sane, with a borderline personality disorder and sadistic tendencies.

Chikalito's trial was incredibly public, as a means to teach a lesson. He was found guilty of 52 of the 53 murders, and then sentenced to death. He was executed by a single gunshot behind the right ear in 1994.

As much as Chikatilo attempted to hide his urges in the beginning, he claims he only felt relief and satisfaction when he stabbed his victims.

Chikatilo's story further proves the rule our parents placed over our heads from day one: never talk to strangers. You never know if the unknown person is actually a man or woman capable of shocking and appalling murders.

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