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Last week we discussed the real ages of the Disney Princesses, and I was pretty shocked at their real ages! Ranging from Snow White just entering puberty at the age of 14 to Elsa being 21 and legally allowed to drink in the United States, there was quite the gap! That had us thinking, why don't we shift some attention on the Disney men for a second.

Unfortunately, only a handful of the Disney Princes have official ages, so we're estimating a few ages here based on looks and general life attitude. Here are the ages of the princes from youngest to oldest:

18 years old: Aladdin, Florian, Eric

At just 18, Aladdin, Florian, and Eric are the three youngest Disney Princes. Their respective princesses aren't much younger (Jasmine is 15, Ariel is 16), save for Snow who is only 14! Leave it to an 18-year-old to take you on a magic carpet ride through Agrabah. Seems like the kind of reckless behavior of a young adult to me.

20 years old: Naveen

The spoiled Maldonian prince turned frog went on his adventure at the age of 20. In my mind, he's one of the more realistic princes for his age. He's a carefree spirit who loves partying and flirting with women. Luckily, he grows out of that post-adolescent phase once he goes green and falls in love with Tiana. Then Naveen suddenly becomes more mature and responsible.

Early 20s: Phillip, Charming, Li Shang

Between the three of these princes, I'm impressed at what they were able to accomplish at such young ages! Prince Phillip took down a dragon like it was nothing, Li Shang was a captain of the Chinese army, and Charming...well he had a thing for shoes. I know plenty of non-princes in my real life and they're not nearly half as productive as these guys.

21 years old: Adam, Kristoff

Technically, Prince Adam is 20 for most of Beauty and the Beast, but it ends right at his 21st birthday. Even though Kristoff can be a little immature - just based on the nose picking and booger eating - he's had a job since he was a kid and is probably one of the most hardworking princes on the list!

23 years old: Hans

The deceitful prince Hans from the Southern Isles may have been the youngest of his 13 siblings, but he's definitely one of the older Disney princes at the age of 23. Next to the sometimes oafish (yet endearing) Kristoff, Hans may seem like he's got being an adult down based on his charm and charisma, but his cruel and calculating ways show he's not totally developed.

Mid-20s: John Smith

In real life, John Smith was 27 years old when he met the 12-year-old Pocahontas in the 1600s. By comparison, the few years between the animated characters seems like nothing. While we don't know exactly how old John Smith was in the movie, we can assume that he was at least a few years older than the 18-year-old Pocahontas.

26 years old: Flynn Rider (Eugene)

Even though I think the smoldering thief looks far younger, Disney has confirmed Flynn Rider was 26 when we met him in Tangled. Since Rapunzel was only 18 when they met and 20 when they were married, that gives them the widest age gap of any Disney relationship!

As I said earlier, many of these are just rough estimates and haven't been confirmed by Disney. But if you think you have a compelling case to nail down a character's age, please let me know in the comments section!


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