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Did you see that season finale of The Flash?
No?! Well then you need to before reading this post.
If you did, then you know what I'm about to start talking about.
And here we go... (In my best Joker voice)

Okay, so everyone is pretty much wondering the same things, "What happens to the Flash now that Eobard Thawne has been erased from existence?"

Well I think I got it pretty much figured out and if not, let's just say I'm throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks.

Here's a quick review. Reverse Flash (aka Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom aka Dr. Evil aka Dr. Harrison Wells) came from the distant future to kill Barry Allen as a child so that he never existed as the Flash. Eobard tells Barry that since he missed his shot at little Barry, that he'd kill Nora West instead to, Barry's mom, simply "because I hate you". He got trapped in our time, created the Flash and trained him so he can open a portal and go home. By the end, Eobard's ancestor Eddie Thawne kills himself and it ultimately erased Eobard from existence.

Good on you Eddie, you're a hero!
Good on you Eddie, you're a hero!

So... if Eobard never existed, then he would have never become the Reverse Flash and travelled back in time to kill Barry's mom right? Duh. After the death of Eddie Thawne, all the events that led up to that moment should have been completely rebooted. A new timeline where Nora Allen and all the others are alive and well, plus the real Dr. Harrison Wells is a nice guy who would create the Particle Accelerator in the year 2020. That would make sense, but hey this is TV right? Nothing makes sense.

So for some odd reason, they were all still standing in that spot inside the tunnel, even Barry had his costume on. How is this possible? Shouldn't everything have been completely erased?

There is no such thing as coincidences
There is no such thing as coincidences

No... and I'll explain why.

Think Back to the Future II!

Pay attention Butthead.
Pay attention Butthead.

Remember when the tidal wave hit the city and Eobard killed Cisco? That was all erased when Barry broke the time barrier for the first time.
That one day, as Dr. Stein so eloquently put it, "changed the course of history".
Cisco said it best, "We're living in an alternate reality".

That reality where Cisco died is gone and we are seeing another timeline where Cisco is alive but Nora West is still dead. When Barry went back to save his mom in this reality he runs into "Future Barry", who stops him from intervening. Why?Why would he stop Barry from saving his mom? Simple to prevent Flashpoint.
Barry's mom has to die, it's part of his legacy. "There's a natural order to things". Somehow Nora Allen is dead in both realities but the Eobard Thawne that died in the season finale is not the same one that killed her in the season opening. Two timelines, two Eobard Thawnes, two Barry Allens, etc, etc. all converging into "compounded experiences". With that said, when Eddie sacrificed himself to stop Eobard, he either created another tangent or he saved the future of this one.

If I'm right, they will leave that Nora situation alone in season 2 and explain it all over the course of episodes. If I'm wrong, there is going to be a different event that causes Nora Allen's death. This could also be caused by another version of Reverse Flash from an alternate reality such as The Rival or Daniel West.

I would like to say the Rival as a top choice because he is the reverse Flash of Jay Garrick. Which would also explain why Eobard Thawne knew to get lost when he seen that helmet come through the portal.

Endless possibilities are ahead.
Endless possibilities are ahead.


So am I right in saying Eddie's death ultimately introduced the Multiverse?


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