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Stephen Colbert is taking over for David Letterman on the Late Show, which airs nightly on CBS, and that means it's time to start ushering the man in. The first step towards this transition is Letterman's final episode, which aired this past Wednesday. It was nothing short of epic, which is to be expected since the man has become iconic after working at that desk for the past 33 years.

So, let's go through everything that happened on the episode... they really pulled out all of the stops for Letterman, as they should've!

It started with this incredible presidential tribute/roast

A little bit of a joke here, but obviously hidden behind that joke is mutual respect from some of the world's most powerful men.

Letterman just seems like such a great guy

He always had a wickedly awesome self-deprecating style, and he kept that up in his final show. The adoration of the fans was real and was incredibly heart felt starting with the show's opening. He got a lengthy standing ovation when the show opened and a "Dave! Dave! Dave!" chant that went on for about 30 minutes. It didn't all air, obviously due to time, but it was an emotional (and still extremely funny) broadcast.

There were no guests on the show, and most of it was dedicated to Letterman's legacy.

Here's a look back at Letterman's reign as one of the kings of late night television:

Letterman was always a friend to kids of all ages

Dave randomly working at a Taco Bell during an older episode was epic

The top 10 was hilarious and star-studded

It was an emotional but still well-run show

The Foo Fighters were in the mix

And their performance was great!

The show went 17 minutes over time, as each individual staff member got a tribute

He was one of the pioneers of late night television as we know it today, and he was one of the hardest working men in show business for years. Hopefully, he has big things on the horizon and I think he'll continue to make an impact on many people's lives.

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