Now the last time I played a Worms game it was in 3D on the original Xbox so I was super intrigued when Battlegrounds was announced for Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 platforms.

Worms Battlegrounds certainly has gone back to its roots yet has been upgraded enough to meet modern standards of gaming. The game features a slick soundtrack a stunningly beautiful visual upgrade as well as a few nice tweaks here and there. The game itself is nicely packed with a single player campaign that has a story to it, a multiplayer mode, which consists of your average ranked and un-ranked matches and the mode that will probably be of most interest, Battleground.

Battleground is an all out Worm Fest where clans can brawl against each other with their not so friendly soil eaters. Other than that though the franchise has pretty much stayed the same. Worms still kill other worms with outrageous arsenals and in turn. It is still a solid experience, you can even customize your worms with cool accessories and silly voices to make your wriggly friends even more unique.

On PlayStation 4 the worms voices even come through the controller's speaker, however, I find it quite quiet compared with other games that utilize the speaker which is a shame as I really wanted to hear my Rasta worms comical phrases. Worms is an ok game and will certainly please any hardcore fan of the series, I found it alright its just annoying that the game's pace is rather slow, I had hoped for a faster more frantic game this time round. Another problem is that the game doesn't explain the controls completely and I often got lost, mashing all the buttons until I had found what was what.

I also found the price tag a little daunting as the title will set you back £19.99.

Worms is worms though a turn based strategy, action game with a twist that has a lot more in common with Marmite than you may think, you will either love it or hate it!


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