UFC 2014 is a fantastic all round fighting experience that draws you in at a nice pace while teaching you how to overcome your opponent.

The game has taken inspiration from the Fight Night franchise as well as mechanics from FIFA to bring you the most realistic fighting game to date on PS4 and Xbox one.

Once you boot the game up you will be greeted by a great soundtrack featuring tracks from Tinie Tempah and Imagine Dragons as well as other well known artists! This truly sets the tone as it is always nice to hear music that you know!

You can even set the track you want playing as your character enters the arena!

The game then teaches you how to manage your character and move him around the opponent, I found that this was quite in depth with various button combos doing completely different things. This did seem daunting at first as I initially forgot most of the moves taught to me, but luckily the game does refresh your memory before each round.

Once you are in the ring its down to you to manage blocks and deal blows to your opponent successfully. You must think before you act as a wrong move will ultimately create an opportunity for your opponent to deal some serious right hooks. As always with these types of games practice makes perfect and you will learn how to use these moves successfully.

The visuals in this game are just fantastic and you will notice that a ton of effort has clearly been put into how the game looks. As you are in the ring with your opponent, you will notice the sweat dripping from character's bodies. That's not all, you will also notice saliva, blood dripping down their faces and onto the arena and skin rippling as each blow smashes into your opponent. You also sustain bruises too. This adds complete realism and made each match feel thrilling and authentic.

The audio, as mentioned above is also great. Not just due to the soundtrack, but also due to the realistic audio cues and effects used. The audio makes UFC the most immersive fighting title to date.

The controls do take time to get used to as stated above, but you can always go and train some more if you want to learn more.

UFC 2014 may just seem like the average fighting game, but honestly it's not. UFC has an array of game modes implemented to make it stand out as well as that the game has a great character creation facility available. Character creation is fun as you can create your own unique looking fighter and take him or her on the road to become the ultimate fighter. A feature of UFC I particularly like is the online mode, putting you against other players poses more of a challenge as well as making the match more satisfying, especially if you win!

UFC is the best fighting experience to date and I will surely be playing this a lot over the following months. It is a superb title that offers an array of exciting content along with the high fidelity visuals that you expect from UFC titles. It really is the ultimate package that any gamer or sports fan should not miss out on! Kudos to the developers for making the most realistic fighting game available, I certainly look forward to future DLC as well as future installments in the franchise.


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